It is both hard to get on and does a poor job protecting the head. I mean… what a ridiculous concept! The rounder head makes way for the player to be able to work the ball in the direction you choose, as long as you choose high draw or high fade. I think Nike is finally starting to get things right Share this with your golf buddies: I felt that if I was going to give both clubs their due I should use each one for at least three to five rounds. I wouldnt say the distance is a whole lot better ,but, that is not my focus for improvement. Ronald Montesano 9 years ago.

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MyGolfSpy is and always will remain un-bias in our reviews. The feel from the club face was very good, although it did not sound as good as the square version. Dec 13, 44 Comments.

Nike SQ DYMO 10.5* Driver Regular

Just because one driver sold more then the other does not mean it is better. Well, this is one interesting way to advertise your equipment. The Nike rep dropped the ProLaunch Red shaft in a Being that it was supposed to be the more workable of the two I put it through the paces hitting draws and fades and adjusting tee height to see what I could get it to do. Media Reviews Golf Monthly. If s of us after reviewing their product came to the conclusion that the R9 was better…they would be up the creek without a paddle in a big way.


This could have sa due to the shaft we tested but 20009 3 golfers at all 3 swing speeds agreed.

Nike SQ DYMO Driver Degree Graphite UST Axivcore Regular Flex a | eBay

At least nobody ever stared at me on the range. I agree with CJ on this one, I would rather be a few yards shorter, if I am comfortable with the club in my hand, distance is one thing, but look and FEEL is really important, so this goes to the R9.

Im definatly glad i bought this one instead i just i have turned 13 and i can hit this club dyjo yards love this club.

I unfortunately am not and will be looking for another shaft to replace it.

This is one of the straightest drivers I have ever hit. Overall, very good article. The adjustment system is not only easy to use but also makes a difference to your drives which offers evidence that this new trend in club design is moving beyond simple gimmickry and beginning to offer golfers real options.

Not a fan of the Nike driver aestheics but would xymo forgo looks ex Hibore for results.

Even most of my not-so-great swings sent drives right down the middle of the fairway. First let us say that I have never received an instruction manual for a driver that I played. For the tinkerers out there Nike has also introduced the Str8-Fit Line.


Nike SQ Dymo 2 Drivers

The designers at Nike have tried to maximize performance by tweaking the club specifications for each different loft. By comparison, the two times I have taken this driver on the course Vymo have hit 10 and 11 fairways respectively. I LOVE this driver! I would definitley get the r9 instead of the dymo.

So realize how painful it is for me to eat my own words. In regards to accuracy and control the Taylormade r9 performed better for us. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Highly recommend dyjo club, only problem is it sounds like a college baseball bat, but if I hit it like that again I want people to turn and see the shot! But enough about me.

ULTIMATE REVIEW – Nike SQ Dymo vs. Taylormade R9

Nov 29, 40 Comments. But we will not bore you with that. Volume One Hundred Eighty One. So good that many of my own playing dyymo have offered to send them back to Nike for me at no charge! I personally think it was a great way to advertise a product.

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