Thought maybe pll but why not skip and go drsstc! Hey Andrea Did you also see that he built a working unit from that schematic? Video of my ZVS driver running on 24v input is uploaded now. Currently i have 3 of these mosfet but i will buy more soon. I finally got back to this.

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Sorry Andrea I forgot to mention I have 4 1k in parallel for each gate and an external linear adjustable source supplying 15 volts capable of 20 amps for them. Troubleshooting Of course something can go wrong, so if you’re unlucky check these points.

Running power through multiple supplies just xvs power a transformer seems a bit absurd, 555 I though it was time for a direct mains powered flyback driver.

Notice how everyone uses a mask when welding? Their role is to charge up the gate fast enough after the feedback diode stops conducting, and therefore ram the mosfet into a saturation state as fast as possible.

Adjust them, depending on your frequency, supply svs, and gate capacitance. The internal body diode is a by product when transistors are manufactured. I can also salvage the heatsink and cooling fan from it. I really appreciate your openness and willingness to collaborate here.

However zs arcs are tiny if at all and it is only when I strike the arc by touching the wires and then move the wires apart that I can get it to extend to 1 cm if lucky. Are my 5555 dying due to the inherent instability of this driver, or do you think they died because the secondary arced to the primary through the core?


If not what is the function of this capacitor? The Amp is lethal? Thank you for your info on the DC Tesla coil charging.

Standard Monitor Flyback Transformer with new primary. Because I do not want to damage the tanxs How much voltage you used when you made the video? Sign up using Facebook.

Flyback driver #2: NE quasi-resonant – BOGIN, JR.

Hy Jozef First of all, thank you very very much for yours answers, i reworked my circuit because it was not like yours and here is the link to the schematics and photos.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If you here a whining noise 25Khz or lower frequency you should reduce the number of turns on the primary slightly, or make the capacitor smaller, but smaller capacitor means that it wont be as powerfull or put the MOSFETS under more strain.

Due to its ability to convert the input DC into sine wave rather than sawtooth signal from driver circuithence the noise or the transformer’s hum can be reduced or sometimes, entirely eliminated at all. Some blow up very ramdomly. I have attempted a ion propulsion unit with both a zvs driver and a flybackand the zvs driver kept on arcing to my other terminal where the kept a nice and steady corona discharge.


Flyback Transformer Drivers

What is the formula to calculate the value of RC1. If yes, the secondary might be K.

I can run flyback transformers for an unlimited amount of time at kHz and 30 primary turns. TV flybacks are generally designed for upper audio frequencies, which is the cause of the high pitched noise heard from a muted TV.

It works with any kind of television flyback. The amount of turns depends on supply voltage.

All this wastes a lot of power and heat. Specifications Voltage supply 35 VDC from a rewound microwave oven transformer.

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver

If using a resonant cap, use a quality polypropylene one, or HF ceramics with a high k VAr rating. Maybe environment is too damp — done in shed in London in winter! October 4, at Video of my ZVS driver running on 24v input is uploaded now. I suppose 30V the least, giving the results.

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