Please refer specification pages for full details. The mandatory “Eee PC” logo shouldn’t be omitted. The processor works continuously with 1. Due to photographic variables and conditions, actual product appearance may differ from images shown on this site. The keyboard is convincing due to large keys. A device with a matt display that is convincing for euro? We could measure between

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Review Asus Eee PC R101 Netbook

The rates in a deactivated state and standby also wkreless within a limit of 0. Asus only offers the netbook in black or whiteand thus waives on various color alternatives. The processor works continuously with 1.

It’s also found in the Apple MacBook. CineBench R10 from Maxon confirmed normal rates for a netbook with this configuration. There were various problems with PCMark05 in our test device, and the latest Vantage version can only be executed starting with Windows Vista.

Only the integrated audio connectorover which headphones or external loudspeakers can be connected, can remedy this. Asus Eee PC R Well-known components are found inside. The strong brightness and contrast can assert themselves and the image remains stable even in direct sunlight.


The battery life under minimum load and display brightness can be determined with the ” Reader’s ” test.

Asus Eee PC R – External Reviews

Please refer specification pages for full details. The specs sound very interesting: Small touchpad with multi-touch. Our test device’s emissions are in a green field, but the tiresome problem of poor loudspeakers remains. However, you basically get a brilliant display with outstanding rates and great benefits for comparatively little money in this device.

The pressure point and stroke length are okay and the keyboard’s FN functions are highlighted in light blue. The entire system is cooled by a small fan. All specifications are subject to change without notice. The case is slim and well manufactured. The scope of delivery only includes the most necessary. The tool ” HD Tune Pro ” offers a benchmark that checks the disk thoroughly. Merely a small 3 cell battery is included in scope of delivery.

Unfortunately, Asus doesn’t have this screen in a HD alternative with a native resolution of x pixels. Despite Windows XP as the operating system, various multi-touch gestures are supported and can be used without difficulty. The small 3 cell battery with eed Wh upsets this plan. Asus Eee PC R’s loudspeakers are on the case’s front bottom and only have an average sound.


The display can only be twisted slightly, and dee couldn’t determine any tension in the display.

Touchpad The touchpad wirelless this netbook unfortunately turns out quite small with a diameter of 7. Intel Atom N processor, matt Due to it, a maximum of 4 hours and 52 minutes are possible in this test. A faster hard disk or SSD can only be built in with difficulty. We could measure between Generous keyboard in black. The Asus Eee PC R can only be acquired in online shops and is now available in the colors black and white.

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