Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Do you already have an account? I had a newer bluesbreaker and it had a creamy overdrive character, similar to a Boss od3. May 23, 1. International directory of company histories: Fender Tweed Blues Jr.

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BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver vs. Marshall Bluesbreaker…?

The only problem with the 7 series is the flakey switch-even though I have an FZ7 fuzz that’s been reliable, but I don’t play it much. For SRV, something tube screamerish is ideal.

RambleFXJan 30, I’m actually selling one Xotic BB Preamp is supposed to be a Bluesbreaker type pedal. Discussion in ‘ Pedals ‘ started by Stretch90Jan 28, No, create an account now. Check out the Wampler Plexi-Drive A lot of people see the OD-3 as pretty underrated.

Bluesbreaker vs BD-2

BrockoJan 29, No, create an account now. Got a good Guitar Player review-just reread it today. RomanJan 29, I happen to love the fat switch on the keeley version so that gave it a tad more girth as well.


In fact the Boss OD1 came before the Ibanez, so in reality the TS is a slightly altered Boss circuit, as Boss had a patent on asymmetrical clipping, so Ibanez used symmetrical clipping to get bluwsbreaker the patent.

Fenderkid67Jan 27, Jan 28, 8.

Your name or email address: Don’t need to speculate. Anyone care to speculate? FenderBigotJan 28, All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel.

Good Guitar Players Should Know: I want play srv, bb king etc. So, Bluesbreeaker tried out the Marshall blues breaker II and was pretty disappointed by the sound quality but I really like the type of tone it’s going for.

Search Media New Media. May 23, 3.

Yes, my password is: Digitech Blyes Blues It’s basically a Boss BD-2 clone with more adjustable tone independent bass-treble controls and is supposed to be great. Jan 27, 4.


Bluesbreaker vs BD-2 | The Gear Page

Both use clipping diodes in the feedback loop of the op-amp, but the TS has one diode going in each direction, while the Boss has two going in one direction and only one going in the other direction. Search Forums Recent Posts. Stretch90Jan 28, Do you already have an account?

Has a switch for boosted od.

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