That will get you going then you can sort out the problems with Professional later. This is it’s Mac ID. Good Luck – I’ll check for more posts later tongiht since you are working from home. What version of RSLinx is it? By Automation Linse on 2 May, – 1: Access to your WebPort via a web browser. After a short time it found it and listed it as an unrecognized device with a red X through it.

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Professional is a style of RsLinx Classic. If you have RSLogix v13, for example, you’re going to want to load v13 firmware into the controller. Couple of flash hints. Rsoinx is right on. I can’t tell you how much I really appreciate your patience and help.

Need Help with RSLinx

Yes, the activation has been installed and RSLinx doesn’t ask for it. Thanks for the quick response. By Tomy Zacharia rlsinx 4 May, – 6: Do you see the icon circled in red below in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

When it opens the title bar says RSLinx Professional and most options are grayed out and I can’t install any drivers. Where would I find that file?


If you do, RsLinx is running. It appears that all menus and options are grayed out and I cannot add a serial driver. Any More qb all of us here will try and help.

That will get you going then you can sort out the problems with Professional later. Now did you just purchase Condigure Professional in the last month or do you know that your support contract is good with it? Updated firmware is available for download it’s bundled into a ControlFlash installation from the Rockwell Automation support website. Can you provide a screenshot of the error which says you must upgrade the controller to ver 1.

I wanted to be ready for Monday morning with everything operational on my computer to be able to connect to the machine that is down and diagnose the problem.

You can find out by going to “Help” and “About” They didn’t start using the term “Classic” until 2. Sign In Sign Up.

Edited 8 Apr by jstolaruk. The Configure Drivers dialog appears: How do I start RSLinx classic instead????????


RSLinx – Ethernet Device Drive

If so go download the latest version. In reply to Ken and BobLfoot: Thats the best I can think of right now considering I have not experienced your exact problem.

The auto configure process runs and lets you configurre whether or not the configuration was successful in the Auto-Configure field. That is the bad news. Fortune Beauty is one of the rare things which does not lead to doubt of God.

My problem now is that it says that I configurs to update the controller firmware to ver. Well, today has not been a good day. Some tips for better search results If not post your error messages here.

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