Posted April 11, edited. I learned slowly the hard way. Just connect to your LAN and Mac an go ahead! Setting IP address is not done the way I expected. It got the

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I had some initial problems since the wrong image was linked from macip.

LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge – Wikipedia

Im gonna have to get one for my IIgs, so I can give it ethernet. Of course a few ordinary network cables and power adapters was required as well. So with it working so nicely I just felt it would be interesting to network it. Almost the same on my site. Bookmarks Bookmarks Eayna del. Edited April 12, by Themk.

Didn’t find any of those at Ebay right now at least but that is of course another route. Posted June 23, Posted April 10, edited.

It got the These adaptors are going to be Retr0brighted Edited April 27, etherprknt Themk. Dayna EtherPrint Administrator Software 3. I use my C because I am an ornery, stubborn, retro grouch. I am going to have to try out your VM now mactjapp! Two LocalTalk adapters liberated! Is it 5V, 12V.


Dayna Etherprint-t EP0121 Appletalk/localtalk Ethernet Bridge

Websurfing was slightly more complex to solve. So what is the expertise saying? Of course there is always the possibility to do something on your own using the catweasel. Are there big compatibility problem with modern switches with these? This software is provided by a nice Dutch guy and can be found here. You don’t need any software for normal use. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I’ve used it on several occasions. Originally Posted by cruff.

A happy Mac Plus – best way to internet it?

The PSUs are also the ones that you need to connect to American power receptacles and line voltages; perhaps they didn’t send you one mactjaap because they knew etyerprint would be incompatible with your AC mains.

If so, Im gonna buy one! I did found it and trasnfered it to the Mac Plus but it took a while to undestand that this was not an application but some kind of settings menu that should be moved into to the System folder. When taken into pieces I checked all electrolytic capacitors, which measured just fine, and replaced the two RIFA Y – capacitors at mains inlet. I sent an email to them asking about shipping to here, hoping to hear back soon.


USED Mini EtherPrint Plus-T, Dayna EP0431

I ordered two, they are on the way from Switzerland now. The OrangePi has a special image loaded onto which includes all necessary software. Would also make a nice addition to the SE. I will write it down and remember!

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