Push to select the VGA input source. Avoid using an audio cable extension or audio jack converter. Insert the mini stereo plug from the back of the Soundbar into the computer’s audio output jack. Choose the method of contacting Dell that is convenient for you. Synchronization Problems Screen is scrambled or appears torn l l l Reset the monitor to Factory Settings. Click to uncheck the box next to Mute. Relocate the monitor and test in another room.

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You can push the top edge or pull the bottom edge of the monitor carefully to adjust the position.

Dell SP2309WFP Manuals

Zaiecamy podtqczenie monitora za pomocq biatego przewodu DVI. Data 1 Shield 6 T. Loads color settings ideal for multimedia applications. To connect your monitor to the computer: When monitor enters Power Save mode, the following message appears: Allows you to manually adjust the color settings.

When Lock is selected, no user adjustments are allowed. Sp2309qfp Reset Resets the monitor’s display settings to sp2309wrp factory defaults. The text in this document has been recognized automatically. You can run the built-in diagnostics only when the video cable is unplugged and the monitor is in self-test mode.


Key Sound Turns on or off the key sound. Touch the and Blue values and create your own preset color mode. Zero power consumption in OFF mode can only be achieved by disconnecting the main cable from the monitor. Allows you to set the display mode to: This means that the monitor cannot synchronize with the fell that it is receiving from the computer.

Dell SPWFP (Monitors) Reviews

Clean the camera surface using a damp, soft lint-free cloth. If your monitor and computer are properly connected but the monitor screen remains dark, run the monitor self-test by performing the following steps: With the monitor still in its flat, folded state, set it screen-side up on a flat surface.

Confirm that the audio line-in plug is completely inserted into sp230w9fp jack of the sound card or audio source. Allows you to adjust the color saturation of the image. Cannot adjust the monitor with OSD does not appear on the the keys on the front panel screen l Turn off the monitor, unplug the power cord, plug back, and then turn on the monitor. Adjust the Volume slider to obtain the desired audio level. To use the Display Rotation function Landscape sp2309efp Portrait view with your Dell computer, you require an updated graphics driver that delk not included with this monitor.


Controls user access to adjustments.

Click Contact Us on the left side of the page. Wide Mode is not available at video resolutions greater than x Use the key to enable the Dynamic Contrast adjustment.

One of the following messages appears when the menu key is touched in Active-off mode. Clean and reseat the audio line-in plug. Tilt the panel toward you without touching or putting pressure on the screen. Increase the volume of the audio application. Input Source Use the Input Source menu to select different video signals that may be connected to your monitor. Remove the four screws attaching the base Screw dimension: Select Yes to proceed and No to return.

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