With you being an 8 or 9, i think you would be better off with more workability. Dan brings up a good point here. I thought the i10s were good but these are just awsome! You’re off 22, you probably want that to come down, you need game-improvement irons. The design of this does look like a Nickent someone mentioned earlier. Posted 25 August – With the i15 there really isn’t much of a difference like that, to look at them you really don’t notice but when it comes to hitting those tough to hit longer irons you really notice the difference and come to appreciate not being afraid of the long irons, while I don’t think this spells death to the hybrid market I do think that a lot of better players who still like their 3, 4, and 5 irons will appreciate this.

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The best way to check where the balance point is, is to lay your iron face down on a flat surface; then put something round under the head perpendicular to the sole. Lefty, i would say that is sound advice. If strait will work with the shot, most will go for it. Curls Journeyman Pro Jul 1, Precept 9 years ago.

Now the i15 are out, I am going to get fitted because they are sooooooo coooll!!!!! Originally Posted by Young Money. Well the copy pic that you have been able to show does give an excellent look into the future of PINGs new irons. Dan brings up a good point here. I am at Gainsborough this coming Friday afternoon.

I’d been thinking about some new ones and had decided on going to have a hit with the G15, but I read a review on the I15 and thought I would give them a go, I had a hit this eve with them 7 only First off the i The sole of the G15 looks just like the G10, but there are some internal weighting differences, along with a thinning out of the face, some repositioning of weight in the cavity, including added weight in the toe – sole. This design provides improved launch angles and reduces spin on the ball, leading beyween a higher, flatter trajectory with more carry.


I beween say if you are a 15 handicap and are looking to improve, go with the i15 design. BTW, do not sell the long irons; it is best to pull the Hybrids in windy conditions in favor of the long irons.

I15 vs. G15 Irons

Th1rte3n 9 years ago. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. My hcp is 9 have been 6 before I got kids…. For me, the Ping TFC shaft felt and performed the best as well even though I went into the process thinking I wanted an upgraded shaft.

As Ben Hogan put it, the center of the green is the place to be; on a left pin hit a draw to make the ball roll towards the pin, and for a right pen hit a fade to make the ball roll twards the pin.

The new clubs will be available at golf retailers worldwide in mid-August. Our newest families of clubs address the specific performance goals of these players and they are designed accordingly. My guess is probably not. As for the stick, the new PING TFC D shaft has a high balance point that enabled designers to add an extra five grams of head mass without beefing up the swing weight. I was hitting it fine but definate draw, sometimes maybe borderline hook, but not often.

I am in the market for a new driver this spring and will strongly consider this one. Made of stainless steel with a Custom Tuning Port CTPthe G15 irons have wide soles to prevent digging and also aid in promoting a higher ballflight. Love them and really glad I went with them, my score was shocking but that was down to bad course management and crap chipping.


What is the difference between the Ping g15 & the i15 which is better? | Yahoo Answers

Ping i15 is definitely a solid club in their current fleet of iron offerings, I don’t think it will quite be the industry changer that the originalPing Eye and Ping Eye 2 were, but at this point in the game I don’t see that type of innovation from anyone for that matter. But considering the rapture line is only betwefn year old, and the s57 were also recently released.

Elongated, low-profile heads help maximize the head volume and forgive mis-hits.

Was a lot sraighter with them and they feel so nice to strike with. Everyone is different and every swing is different.

Back in the shop the pro asked what I thought and told him, he said he would advise the G, I agree but Pinh had this doubt about that I wanted the I as they will last the longest and I felt looked better at address. April 10 years ago. There is a fact that Ping engineers made the ping k15 irons club face larger and added 27 grams to the perimeter for a higher Beetween. The soles are slightly larger than a typical players long iron, but you cant really see that from address.

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