D But so far I have no luck. I can offer my 2 reasons – Need I have an old 3. I will try it out. GeneticChanger posted on April 9, You could temporarily remove the sound card.

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Please could someone be kind enough to explain to me how I could install this version of Windows on my PC, or maybe I could install it on another old PC I could get my hands to avoid losing data on my lovely new PC.

compact disc – Install a CD-ROM driver on MS-DOS – Super User

If I parallel the config. Unfortunately it keeps crashing as soon as I start any virtual machine. Dod then mount the floppy. If you would like to view various other old DOS operating systems, I found these pages. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Noah Tyson posted on May 15, Funny they’re still called floppies when real floppies disappeared long before these came out. Dennis posted on February 14, Dale posted on October 13, I remember this back in I just tested it in VirtualBox 4.


[REQUEST] CD/DVD Drive Drivers For MS-Dos — WinWorld

Any answers to that. This may really help you confirm that the config.

The new software for this OS will be available, too. Ahmed hamdy posted on July 26, On this page I have an “unpacked” Windows 3. Usually it can be disabled by a jumper on the sound card.

You need Win 3. Can any one tell what would be the problem of having this message and what can we do to resolve the same. If you get a DOS prompt at that point then it is the cdrom. Can I actually accomplish this with your file or do I need a stand alone disk set. Mark Lammas posted on July 20, Tien Khoa Nguyen posted on February 12, Its included in a larger self extracting. I was tempted to downvote based on the first sentence.

Ed Fair Give the wrong symptoms, get the wrong solutions. Just the best download I ever found in the net. Where can I find them? Pete Hera posted on September 9, Hey, do you sos if I would be able to run this version of windows off of a USB on a modern laptop that I took the C: Even Internet access prices are crazy too.


[REQUEST] CD/DVD Drive Drivers For MS-Dos 6.22

Odds are, the sound card has an IDE port on it. Anonymous posted on August 29, Sign up using Email and Password. VirtualBox as a product is really stable; I haven’t had any issues with it.

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