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You sir, are a goddamned hero. I find the upstream nVidia drivers are far more stable than rpmfusion. It is sad for one of the most open source distro out there with regards to free software to write an article on how to use proprietary drivers for the world worse company that deals with Linux. I would hate to see Fedora fade away because of a graphics card.

But that does not exclude having an editorial policy that explicitly notes the practical and pragmatic problems over that long-term that result from installing a GPU over which the user has very little if any control. Fedora for developers Best of I switched 41 Kubuntu now, but I will make a Fedora install again to try the answers out.


Resolution stuck at x after failed nvidia driver install. The article should then at the very least start with a paragraph that notes that Nvidia are completely hostile to Free Software blaacklist are probably the worst choice if you want a trouble-free Linux installation with easy long-term support.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here David, on the other hand people should be free to use hardware they own in their linux distribution of choice. I have pondered doing a fresh fc28 install into a vm and doing s comparison between that and my main system to see if anything jumps out.

I tried to install the binary nvidia driver by installing kernel-devel and akmod from RPMFusion. It is entitled, nvidia-installer-disable-nouveau. Did you enable the RPMFusion repositories first? At the elilo prompt I have invoked the kernel with blacklist. More Like This Best of Feb 26 ’13 at GL Mark 2, a benchmarking tool that provides information on buffering, building, lighting, texturing, etc, offers an excellent solution. Next, reboot with the simple command:.

drivers – How to disable Nouveau on Fedora 18? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

As I said, I don’t have akmod on my system. So maybe the guide will work with Wayland, or maybe not. Then, press the power button once to drain any residual power to protect yourself from electric shock. You are commenting using your WordPress. Using the first device section listed. I have a desktop with a Geforce GTX Ensure that your setup contains enough space for the GPU.


Additionally, make sure to select a PSU that fits your desktop case. From the log it’s apparent that the kernel module couldn’t be built for your currently running kernel: Notify me of new comments via email. I need to learn how to open up the the grub.

Hi there, first off, the resolution problem is probably because u havent reactivated the free nvidia driver “nouveau”. Please check your [ 3. Your graphics card should be inserted into the PCI-E x16 slot closest to the heat-sink.

Sometimes, especially in laptops having Optimus power saving, the nouveau driver will fail to load and cause kernel panic. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The time now is

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