Where possible we give overall figures for the number of deaths included in these residual categories. Cancers are allocated in the Global Burden of Disease data to 16 sections by site of origin, U to U Maps to November poster presentation. These include rubber workers, aniline dye workers, petroleum workers and spray painters. This may be due to the mother having been infected with rubella in early pregnancy, or due to a genetic abnormality. All STDs are mainly spread by sexual activity, often by people who have no obvious symptoms at the time, but are infectious.

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GBD also estimated it to cause 3.

Tobacco contains many chemicals that encourage cancer carcinogens and alcohol damages normal cells. In it was declared eradicated. Therapeutic abortions carried out in legal well run establishments are extremely safe procedures for the mother. There are many different cancers in this area. Apart from the deaths of children, many deaths in poorer territories are of adults aged between 15 and 59 years. Global Burden of Disease estimated in Asthma caused 2. With recurrent episodes your ability to cope in social situations tends to decline and you become more withdrawn.

Intervention code [2] 0.

Measles is an acute, highly contagious infection with the measles virus. For death rates here, the hhavit have to start in the perinatal period.


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Hepatitis C caused 0. Treatment havlt consists of rest and sometimes drugs, but if this is not successful the only safe thing is to bring on the birth of the baby of the baby early, by operation Caesarian section if necessary.

For this reason they can be considered easily preventable conditions. Many produce no symptoms until the disease produces excess fluid within the abdomen ascites.

Cancers of the oesophagus caused 0.


Timepoint [3] 0. Low hvait weight caused 2. Endocarditis usually involves bacterial infection on the surface of the heart valves. Vitamin A is in all animal livers and in many milk products. Before participating in a study, talk to your health care provider and refer to this information for consumers. You can haavit chronic or recurring ulcers on the feet and sometimes part of a leg has to be amputated.

Inflammation of the heart muscle can cause permanent damage to the heart and sometimes death.

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These expectations have been applied to the sex and age structure 20522 people living in every country. Cancer of the uterus mostly affect women aged 50 to 60 years and are rare before the age of 30 years. Over half the people in the world live in territories where the anopheline mosquitoes cannot live, and so you cannot catch malaria there. A condition where brain damage can be seen under the microscope Alzheimer’s disease is the haavit common form of dementia, especially when over 60 years old.


Iron-deficiency anaemia caused 0. The disorders of thyroid gland included here are not due to dietary iodine deficiency U Map 2025 Notes Expected 252. Low birthweight can be due to the baby being born early prematurity or the baby can be growth retarded small for the period it has been in the womb. Apart from the high fever, malaria can cause the blood to become thin chronic anaemiakidney damage chronic renal failureand brain and nerve damage neurological sequelae.

This causes the heart to initially get larger, but eventually it can fail because it is not strong enough to cope with the increased resistance to the blood going through the arteries.

One type melanoma can spread rapidly to the liver, lungs and brain, and is often fatal. When primarily a lack of protein in the food, the illness caused in children is called kwashiorkor. Other genitourinary system diseases is a residual category of all other conditions included in Genitourinary diseases U Mapthat are not included in the 2 sub-categories U and U The illness is usually a long one with years of tempory improvement but often overall increasing disability, and eventually many years spent in a wheelchair.

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