In order to access the Web Interface, place your PC on the same network as the Controller, and simply type in the IP address of the Controller into your web browser. Refer to Appendix 7 for A configuration, functionality will be the same for all Series Controllers. It is also recommended to read the manual in its entirety prior to setup and operation. Users have the ability to configure and save 5 Satellites with their orbital slot and 5 Beacon frequency settings. The Find Satellite command will use this value when attempting to find and lock onto a satellite signal. Return Loss 6 Find Satellite 2 Performs automatic satellite acquisition for configured satellite 2.

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Once Ref Sat is enabled and the Longitude is set, the functions of the remaining parameters and DVB settings will be identical to that of the Target satellite, See section 8. Select Onetvu Search and Send All. Page of 8. AZ The AZ menu allows configuration of the Azimuth axis, including AZ zero and stow limit, azimuth search window size, slow speed movements, and current limits at high and slow speeds.


Face this direction for correct Azimuth and Polarization Orientation Fig. A description of each menu and their purpose is outlined below. Cheikhali Web Interface Added 1. Azimuth Stow Limit has been reached. Performs a manual ACP test for Hughes service. The LR limit is for future development purposes, and is not functional at the time of publication.

Some Ka services will display 70 if threshold is overridden i. You have successfully completed the installation and setup of the iNetVu?

GPS and Compass Override Page 18 of 6. Page 25 of 7. AZ Azimuth Allows configuration of the azimuth pot and zero factor, stow limit, speed, search window size, and current limits.

Page 84 of indicate right hand or left polarizer position KaG third axis. Beacon Signal If the optional beacon intevu is used, the Beacon Signal will appear in this area along with the power density received from the satellite.


Page 92 of 8. IP This area is reserved for the modem IP address. Page 16 of 5. Find Satellite 3 Performs automatic satellite acquisition for configured satellite inetv. Current Longitude Coordinate rounded to one decimal place in degree format. D 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Disables looping, test will only be performed once.


This process may take up to 30 minutes to find and lock onto Satellite. Windows XP users will have to follow the new hardware wizard and let windows automatically install the drivers. D A 6 5 4 Fig.

iNetVu Software Version 7.5.13 Released for the 7000 Series Controllers!

See Appendix 3 for a list of all the elevation offset default values. Antenna Unknown Mobile Platform cannot be found. Page 54 of 7.

The default baud rate is ERR This branch menu displays the error code if an error occurs. C3 1 2 PWD:: What I have tried so far is: Compass Direction and System Ref.

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