Something stationary like a trackball doesn’t demand to be wireless, but Logitech has the nano receiver technology so it’s seen fit to pair that with the M Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. So far so good. If this isn’t done, you run the risk of losing the smoothness of your mouse and reducing its life considerably – people have been reported to the RSPCA for less. I can still only get 5 buttons to work in game but i am still very satisfied. It has a lot of good things going for it; it’s a great size, the ball rolls great, all the inputs are a huge improvement over the Deft, BUT the ergonomics on this thing are terrible.

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The third switch has been implemented as a latching left-hand button.

Moving the ball quickly may cause the cursor to “skate” on screen and so effectively stay in the same position. You could use two hands but that does somewhat negate the whole point of using a trackball in the first place. I can still only get 5 buttons to work in game but i am still very satisfied. Two of these handle the vertical and horizontal movement of the mouse by rotating a slotted plastic disc in the path of an optical beam.

Marconi RB2 Trackerball

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The two switches are situated in the top corners of the unit and so are some 7″ apart.

When you entrust your music to the sophistication of a computer and software, you may find yourself needing something more reliable than a mouse to control it. Top rated Most recent Top rated. Something stationary like a trackball doesn’t demand to be wireless, but Logitech has the nano receiver technology so it’s seen fit to pair that with the M I’ve also experienced the same problem with the Contrack trackball as with a mouse I’ve used which was also made by Contriver.


Would assume this mouse works as a basic mouse in anything from XP up to Win On top of that, the right click on mine stopped working after only mild use I’m going to swap it to a different system just to double-check, but my Deft plugged into the same USB hub works just fine. Basically anything other than FPS. If you value this resource, you can support this project – it really helps! The switches certainly aren’t of the micro variety, but are positive in their action and very heavy duty.

Instead of rolling the ball on a surface, you move it around with your fingers. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Trackball Round-Up (MT Dec 90)

Fair enough, but I did get confused when working with software which requires you to press the left and right buttons in a particular order. Amazing mouse smooth trackball and solid buttons.

This page works best with JavaScript. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Marconi RB2 Trackerball – Domesdaycom

The switches used on these mice are of the mechanical rubber pad variety, similar to the technology behind a computer keyboard, and given enough presses, the left-hand switch collapses – after all, this is the one which tends to be doubleclicked.

You’re going to be stuck with what buttons are doing what and how.

Very reminiscent of a certain trackball explorer However, it rolls very freely and so you tend to roll the ball with your thumb and catch it when the cursor gets to the required position. Trackbll also has a button-lock switch for selecting and holding down the main button and an auto-fire option for games use.


Marcsu, however, is revitalizing one of its classic trackball designs in the soon-to-ship Wireless Trackball M We’ll examine this aspect of each different unit in turn.

It is difficult to place two fingers on it and so continuous side-to-side motion can be a little slow. About nine feet out it gets tricky and Line of Sight is critical. Skating is evident but the resolution of MG Track is high so you don’t tend to move the ball that fast anyway. I downloaded the Mac version of Mouse Assistant prior to the hardware plug-in, which I really wish I had done prior to purchase.

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trackbaall Controls were a bit stiff, especially the choose button which of course is the most oft used, which I figure will work out at least some over time.

Two rolls and you’re across the screen and while “skating” is evident, it is not too obtrusive.

These days, “mouse” often refers to the pale amrcus plastic creature which resides happily to one side of your Atari or Mac, or Amiga, or IBM However, as the ball is very large you only need one careful roll to move from one side of the screen to the other.

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