The two USB 2. The sound albeit does improve clearly when the GT is connected to an external hi-fi system. GPUs are used in embedded systems, mobile phones, personal computers, workstations, and game consoles. The GT’s six-cell battery 58Wh has a hard time to cover the powerful components’ high demand of energy. Antenna connector on the back side. Provides Expansion Slot Standard.

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The GT’s corners can be lifted easily, the palm rest can be dented msii a bit, especially in the centerand the integrated touch-screen bar yields a lot, primarily in the center.

Due to this fact, we conducted a practical test and played Crysis for an hour of being in-game, at the native resolution of x, on high details, and DirectX The buttons and icons are albeit very small, but one benefits from a good overview and a lot of working space on the compact msj.

VillMan Computers

The notebook already uses between But the Msl although has its strengths besides the high power. We did not think that the positioning of the ports has been accomplished in the ideal way.

MSI would have done well to set the native resolution to x, because the problem would then have been solved by itself. Finally, the antenna has been placed on the rear side.


Those who would like a rather good multimedia-package, should rather get a more silent and above all cooler notebook with middle-class components. CPU temperature under load.

The two keys are finally worked into the palm msj, and feature a goodif somewhat hard pressure point with loud feedback. Orientation is easy, as the touch pad is lowered, and bordered by a silver frame.

The case’s bottom features two screwed covers. The two loudspeakers integrated above the keyboard only provide for a mediocre sound. Some keys have been placed elsewhere than usual see image.

Test MSI GT628 Gaming-Notebook

We now reached the GT’s biggest point of criticismmxi is its extreme temperature development. The two USB 2. The notebook lasted 2 hours and 37 minutes at least on minimum brightness and the maximum of energy-saving options Readers Test by Battery Eater. The low black level of 0.

Moreover, the pretty low height of 36 mm at the most is unfamiliar for a gaming notebook. Subjectively, one primarily notices the palm restthe temperature of which increases to a maximum of We grabbed Left 4 Dead as the third title that is based on Valve’s Source-engine.

MSI GTX-V Price in the Philippines and Specs |

Let’s start with the CPU-focused benchmarks. It supports the CPU in the calculation of high definition video material. In regard to the components, MSI has clearly put the focus on high performance over low energy consumption. Brushed aluminium is mainly used for both the top and bottom side of the display lid. One finds a RJ modem jack rather rare by now on the left side, next to a Kensington-Lock. The brand-new Anno by contrast ran a lot better. However, the stability cannot really convince.


Enough with synthetical benchmarks, it is the effective gaming performance that really counts for gamers. Pay attention to the marking slot and buy the corresponding suitable type of memory that will be compatible with yours.

Apart from that, the display leaves behind an ambivalent impression. The vent on the right side becomes extremely hot and considerably heats up the environment. Antenna connector on the back side.

The materials used seem to be of unusually high value for a gaming notebook. Infrared-receiver on the front side. This will not only bother gamers, who are used to map actions like running or duck to the control key.

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