11 HR Software in India for Every Business


HR managers in the business will agree that the most effective HR software can be a boon for their business. We believe that even medium and small-sized businesses can benefit from the HR software’s capabilities as a recommendation tool.

HR India’s most effective HR software can assist HR and accounting departments in concentrating on important tasks. This software will help automate the management of employees’ calculation of payroll, as well as attendance. 

The software won’t just make it easier for the employees, but it will also help save time. This is a list of the Top 11 HR software providers based in India and their capabilities in alphabetical order.

1. GreytHR:

GreytHR software assists the HR department in automatizing their job and encourages the employees to use self-service options. They have a great customer service department that can answer your initial query within two hours and solve the issue within six hours. In addition, they are constantly updating their software for managing HR in response to customer feedback to make it more reliable. The management can get employee data and report information with just a few clicks.

2. HROne:

HROne is a powerful HR management system that automates and streamlines the work for the HR department. The software comes with the necessary tools to create content and happy employees. Additionally, it provides specific insights into your workforce, allowing you to make strategic changes and create an enjoyable place to work. In addition, this software helps to remind your team of their work so that they don’t be delayed or forget about it.

3. Ultimate Business Systems (UBS)

In the growing world of technology and IT business, the tasks of managers are also increasing. When you are so digitized a modern HR solution becomes necessary to keep the same pace between work and management. Looking for a Human Resource Management Software? Ultimate Business System (UBS) provides one of the best HRMS software Coimbatore with the latest technology and customizable tools that handle the daily routine of an HR. 

4. Nitso:

Nitso is an all-inclusive HR management software that streamlines, automates, manages and integrates your HR. Nitso can be described as an HRMS program that handles all payroll and HR processes. It can efficiently handle the HR database, payroll and employee training, ESS, and formalities for the exit. The software lets you browse through the database of employees with ease and provides you with a comprehensive overview of the database. In addition, it assists in compliance, payroll and attendance, leave and many other tasks. Additionally, the software can also manage the development of training and employee self-service and recruiting.

5. Keka:

Keka’s HR Management software comes with all the tools needed to create an effective organization. It streamlines HR processes to help create a fun and performance-driven workplace. The tools in this program let you change how you measure and modify work processes to improve efficiency. It’s a powerful tool that can help your team members reduce the amount of energy and time spent working on tedious tasks. In addition, the time and energy that is saved through automation could be used for more productive tasks.

6. Pocket HRMS:

Pocket HRMS is a software solution that integrates essential and strategic HR functions on one platform. The HR management software comes with all the business’s tools to ensure effective HR and workforce management. This software can help your company comply and protect your employee’s data. It’s a single platform that lets you manage your spending management. The software allows you to use the self-service tool that increases employee satisfaction.

7. Qandle:

Qandle is a complete HR software that includes 36 applications that meet your HR requirements. It includes all the tools necessary to manage the core HR functions, workforce, and payroll and business expenses. In addition, installation is easy and can be done within two weeks. Qandle human resource software gives additional support from experts in compliance and payroll. Additionally, you can modify the software to suit your company’s needs. The interface for users of this program is simple to navigate, easy to use and fun. Additionally, they offer simple pricing and don’t have a lengthy lock-in time.

8. Spine HR Suite:

This suite of spine HR helps your employees feel more connected since it incorporates the most recent AI technology. This software for managing human resources can be used in all sectors and offers rapid implementation and ongoing assistance. The software also has the experience to assist your company in achieving its goals more quickly. Spine HR Suite helps to positively influence your workforce, which affects your customers and your associates to increase productivity.

9. Wallet HR:

Wallet HR solution helps manage the workforce from beginning through the end of their lifespan. The best HR software is installed in three steps in less than 48 hours, and that too without difficulties. In addition, this program lets you customize the software to suit your budget. The tools for Wallet HR help adapt to the needs of any company of any size. The software is developed so that your employees do not require any technical expertise to utilize it.

10. Zimyo:

Zimyo HR software combines all of the tools needed to simplify HR tasks, eliminate payroll errors, and create a pleasant experience for the employees. It’s an all-inclusive software that helps you reinvent your workplace culture. Zimyo helps you perform HR-related tasks without documents and keeps your information protected.

11. Zoho People:

Zoho People is among India’s most popular HRMS options that manage your human resource processes. It’s an all-inclusive program that takes care of everything from the hiring process from the moment it is completed to the finalization of employees. This means that your human resources department can focus on attracting and managing their employees.


HR software is an important asset for any size or type of business. Businesses need to choose the right HR software that meets the needs of their employees and can help them achieve their objectives. We’re a recommendation platform with a large list of reputable and top-quality companies in India.


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