5 Amazing Ways Meditation Helps To Attain Creativity And Mindfulness


There are several benefits of meditation that can give different results to your health and general mindfulness. Whether you are a student or a professional or you stay at home, you have to face different situations that can cause stress and affect your health in different ways. 

Mediation is often generalized as a practice to acquire peace of mind. However, peace of mind is not solely for quiet mind, stillness, mindfulness, and enlightenment. There are immediate benefits that you can attain in a short time. However, if you keep practicing you can achieve long-term benefits as well. 

For students and professionals, mediation is a way to open up their minds and explore creative ideas that can enhance their productivity and make them skilful. Without rambling on anymore, let’s check out the advantages.

  1. Reduces stress

The main benefit of meditation is that it reduces stress. Doctors and psychologists suggest you must try meditating to cope with stress. If you are starting a new job or preparing for an important exam you must be under tremendous pressure. In these kinds of situations, meditation can help you to calm down and focus. 

Researchers from John Hopkins University in Baltimore looked through approximately 19,000 mediation studies and found out 47 trials refer to issues that match their criteria for developing a well-designed study. The data the researchers have found are available in JAMA internal medicine. It presents that mindfulness meditation can help in reducing psychological issues like anxiety, depression, and pain.

Stress can be physical and mental, and it can come from anywhere like your job, financial problems, family, and friends. And it is an unavoidable part of your life. Learning meditation can change your life without making major changes. You might think how can sitting in silence for 10 minutes reduce stress when you have a presentation to give and deadlines to meet?

Human bodies produce a hormone named cortisol. It is responsible for the most common side effects related to stress. You will be surprised to know that cortisol has the power to impair memory, increase your blood pressure and spoil your sleep. All of them lead to fatigue and make you demotivated. The said hormone can give way to depression and chronic anxiety that can put a halt to your productive life.

  1. Build self-esteem

The second benefit of meditation is about developing self-esteem. Everyone struggles to keep up their self-confidence because they struggle to believe in themselves and face criticisms. 

Bullies and critics are the main reason why people struggle to build confidence. If you want to maintain and develop positive self-confidence, you need to practice mindfulness meditation. It can help you from falling apart and build your self-esteem. 

The next time you face something that tries to disbalance your self-confidence, practice the concept of mindfulness and allows yourself to grow.

If you are into book review writing you will come across different books that talk about using meditation to building self-esteem.

  1. Avoid depression

The third most significant benefit of meditating is that it helps to avoid depression. Until a few years, depression was not a topic people could freely talk about and it prevented people from getting the treatment people needed. Mindfulness meditation can be used as a form of therapy if you are struggling with depression. 

Depression has a lot of noticeable side effects like it reduces the production of chemicals in your brain. Mediation not only helps to reduce depression but also fosters a stable emotional state of mind. It prevents the presence of unhealthy human behavior like sadness, anger, self-criticism about every little thing.

A study performed by researchers of the University of Exeter searches for this kind of behavior in two groups of people recovering from depression. The first group used antidepressants and the second group practiced mindfulness meditation. 

The researchers found out the first group of people started to relapse because of unhealthy behavior that prevented the medication from working. On the other hand, the second group of people was less likely to relapse before they practiced mindfulness meditation which prevented them from engaging in the type of depressive behaviors. 

4. Increased Focus & Attention

The next in line is increased focus and attention. Most people struggle to keep their focus on their work or studies. The toughest part of meditation is preventing your mind from wandering off and constantly thinking about work and responsibilities.

So it becomes hard to focus on something else like your enjoying the present or your breathing. You can practice this to increase concentration and your span of attention. You can have a clear mind and you will be able to refocus on your work. 

A 2007 study answers the most asked about question on concentrative skills like how much effective is mediation on improving attention. Researchers over a period of an 8-week course on mindfulness meditation, discovered that it drastically improves speed and performance in spite of no previous mediation experience before the 8-week course.  

Other studies on meditation have also shown the same positive results recommending that practicing daily meditation can increase your focus and boost your productivity. If you make it a habit to practice meditation daily, you can train your mind to remain calm in tough situations.

5. Reduce Insomnia

The next benefit that you can get from practicing meditation is better sleep. Irrespective of what your profession is or what group you belong to, you might need some extra time to fall asleep. It means that your brain needs extra time to relax, generally, people fall asleep between 10 to 20 minutes after they go to bed but if exceeds more than an hour, it can be a sign of insomnia. 

People dealing with insomnia often do not understand that it can last from a few days to a few years. Most people treat it with sleeping pills. However, they have nasty effects including addiction and fatigue. So, psychologists and doctors, recommend using meditation as a means to resolve the issue without having any side effects.  

If you are a professional essay writer or any type of writer you are working all the time to meet your client’s expectations and market standards. Often during fulfilling your duties and job expectations you spend a lot of time worrying about them and burn the midnight oil. All these hampers your sleep and soon you notice early signs of insomnia.

If you practice meditation before going to bed, it helps to relax your body and mind and reduces stress. As stated in a study this process of relaxation improves the quality of sleep even for chronic insomniacs.

Meditation can help you fall asleep sooner without taking any medication and prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night. You will notice that your memory has improved.

It opens the door to creativity and calms your body. Whether it is stress from work or education, you can relieve your tensions through meditation. Creative thinking cannot take place if you are under pressure. So it is best to meditate and refresh your mind. 


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