Top 5 awesome steps to write a research paper with bonus hacks

5 Steps to Writing a Research Paper

Writing a research paper is indeed a work of art. You have to provide a plethora of information. Moreover, you have to abide by the terms and conditions of the research criteria. And if that wasn’t enough, you have to maintain the writing process of the research paper. So, students often the burnout and suffer mental breakdowns and anxiety attacks. But what can you do to avoid it? Believe it or not, you can prevent research burnout. And finish your paper in due time, but only if you know it. Do you want to know?  Then read on to find out and become a skilled research writer.

  1. Choosing the right subject

Once you receive your topic, your professors often ask you to research them. It is now your decision, how to perform research on your topic. And how can you select your subject of choice from the topic? Once you have the subject of your choice, you can be more creative and show your knowledge skills. Students often find it easier to write when they have the subject of their choice. But mind you, finding the subject of your choice might not be as easy as you want to be. Therefore, perform adequate research on finding the subject of your topic.

Pro tip: choose a subject that has been researched in the past. That will make your job easier.

  1. Collecting adequate information

This is the most crucial step of the entire research process. Collecting adequate information on your subject means that now you have found your favourite subject, it’s time for research. An extended research process is needed in this step. You need to take a nudge higher in this process. And, you need to look for shreds of evidence beyond written surveys or internet-based information. You can go and personally visit libraries and read the materials you find perfect for your research process. Or you can perform real-time surveys to receive adequate answers for your research purpose. Surveying a group of respondents for your research purpose would help you gather correct information for your research paper.

Pro Tip: Surveying a large group of respondents might take a lot of time. So try and gather a small group of respondents for your research process.

  1. Evaluating each material

Now that you have all the necessary information and have researched enough on your preferred subject. It is now time to evaluate your researched materials. Surveys will provide you with an accurate picture of facts and people’s replies to their biases. Evaluate the survey answers with the answers that have been given by the past researchers. Read concrete articles and journals in this phase. It will help you to clear your brain. Reflect your personal justification, judgement and understanding of the research subject. Remember, your research paper reflects your personality and knowledge of the subject. Your professors will judge your intellect based on your evaluation.

Pro Tip: Try and be honest all throughout the evaluation process. It will impress your professors more. Do not try and pretend. It will reflect poorly on your paper. And your professors will understand it.

  1. Organising each idea

After the evaluation process comes to the organisation process. Now that you have evaluated all your data and your research is complete. Organise how you are going to present your entire research idea. You can organise your thoughts and research results in an orderly process. That would help your readers to understand how you proceeded with your research. Organise your ideas concretely and in a straightforward way to make the writing process easier for you.

Pro Tip: keep a hard copy of every document and research results. Find out some time for yourself. And organise each paper in a colour-coded manner.

  1. Writing the paper

Once you have every idea organised. Every data is managed. It is now time to pen down your research results. Start writing with the Introduction chapter, explain the hypotheses adequately. And explain why this research has been necessary at this process. Explain your research rationale adequately. And proceed on to the literature review. State your findings and explain why things have taken such a turn. Critically evaluate each discovery. Finally, discuss your personal findings and tally them with the popular opinion given by researchers. You can conclude your research paper by linking your own results with the popular idea presented by the researchers. 

Pro tip: If you feel overwhelmed by the research pressure. You can seek help from academic writing services. Multiple writing and tutoring services would assist you in finishing your paper with adequacy. 

Bonus points

  1. Referencing

Referencing your paper is extremely important. You can start doing it from the very beginning. Keep track of all your research sources. A strong citation chart would add proper value to your paper. And a citation will also help you avoid plagiarism charges. A plagiarism charge can ruin the entire career of a student. Therefore, cite every source of information that you receive externally. And remember to add a bibliography. Furthermore, it will help you to impress your professors. Finally, a bibliography is proof that you have enough knowledge on your subject to perform exclusive research on it.

Pro Tip: Follow the citation style that you are asked to provide by your university. It will help you to avoid reworks. For example, APA and Harvard are two famous referencing styles.

  1. Proofreading the paper

Proofreading is the final step of writing a successful paper. After writing your entire research paper, fix some time and go through your finished paper. We often write about multiple factors for the sake of it. But once we start to proofread it. We understand that many lines have been redundant. And we could have avoided it. Therefore, after you have finished writing your paper, carefully proofread it. If you feel proofreading will take a fair share of your time, seek help. There are multiple academic writing services and websites that can help you proofread your paper.

Pro Tip: You can use online grammar and spelling checkers to proofread your paper. These tools help you to polish your paper. And make them impressive.

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Parting words

Writing a dissertation is highly adventurous. Once you finish writing your paper, you will feel a sense of achievement within yourself. And you will also feel incredibly proud of yourself. Keep track of your regular activity and plan your research well. Your dissertations will never give you any burnout. Instead, you would enjoy writing dissertations more than any other assignment. You just need to understand your starting and finish points. The rest will be sunshine and crimson. Create a friendly environment around yourself and surround yourself with empathetic people towards your academic needs. That said, go through these tips and ace your research paper.


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