Automotive Engineering: Is it the Right Career Option for Me or Not?


Do you happen to get all excited as you watch videos on AI-based self-driving cars? If you want to design cars, an automotive engineer could be your best career option. If you have an unexplainable obsession with cars, automobile engineering can ignite your passion and help you lead a successful life. As automotive designers, you will be able to design, develop, modify and manufacture different types of vehicles like cars, buses, motorbikes, trucks, and buses.

A perfect role model for an automotive career would be Marcus Youden, the head of McLaren Automotive’s head of operations. He is the ideal role model for understanding where a career in automotive engineering can take you. At present, automotive engineering is considered to be one of the most famous professions that one can choose. I will share reasons why automobile engineering can be the best career option for you. If you are a engineering student yo need to make cdr report, You can get Cdr Australia help to mae your report.

  1. Open several career opportunities

It is crucial for students to know the basic of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and safety engineering. They must have proficiency both in software and electronics. They will need to come up with innovative ideas for improving production methods and vehicular technology. Gaining such knowledge and skills will open up several career opportunities in many industries for you.

  1. Make a difference in the future

Automotive engineering is the kind of career that directly impacts the lives of people. You will become a part of a rapidly-changing ecosystem by creating a concept for a show stand or designing a fast-moving electric car. You will have the platform where you get to make innovative ideas for electrifying the industry as well as creating new designs for creating cost-effective cars with better performance.

  1. Become a part of a game-changer team

You will have the opportunity for working with a great team for delivering various projects successfully. You will need to have good problem-solving and communication skills to work in a team effectively. You must be practical and must think as a team in everything. If you love to be a team player and want to be a part of a closely-knit work team, the automotive engineering option is perfect for you. 

  1. It prepares you for a variety of roles

When you are an automotive engineer, you will be able to get become part of development and research where you will be able to find solutions to various kinds of engineering challenges. You may also design new vehicles and improve the existing ones. As an automobile engineering, your responsibility will be dealing with planning and designing the latest production processes and finds personal mobility solutions to meet the different needs of people.

  1. The field always on lookout for fresh ideas

If you are someone who loves to push boundaries, automotive is the best career field for you. They are known for taking giant leaps in development and experimenting with new ideas. The field looks for people who are young, smart, and knows how to push boundaries. It is an excellent platform for a young and open-minded team.

  1. Competitive salaries

As per your job title, experience, and locations, your pay scales will vary. Generally speaking, automotive engineers tend to take home a competitive salary. As a median hourly wage, automotive technicians in Seattle tend to make $24.13 and an annual salary of $52,981.

Some of the other median salaries include:

  • Machinist- $48,470
  • Collision tech – $58, 679
  • Paint tech – $54,904
  1. Versatile career opportunities

Just because you want to be automotive industry professionals, does not necessarily mean you only have the options of a car salesperson and a mechanic. There are plentiful opportunities like careers in sales, service, and administration. Make sure you have an impressive resume with you. You can use a my resume builder to make your resume on automotive engineering outstanding.

Here are some recommended career options in the job market:

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Service advisor
  • Paint technician
  • Collision technician
  • Shop owner
  • Parts professional
  • Service advisor
  • Sales and marketing
  • Service technician
  • Machinist
  1. Industry of the future

With more time passing by, the automotive industry is becoming an increasingly tech-driven field. Automakers are on the lookout for new ways of integrating mobile and wireless components into the driver experience. If you like to try your hand at computer sciences or innovation, automobile technology might be just something you are looking for.

Here are some of the job titles that are predicted for the future:

  • Software developer
  • Sustainability integration expert
  • Alternative propulsion engineer
  • Analytics expert
  • Electrical engineer
  • 3D printing engineer
  • Autonomous driving engineer


Automotive engineering is emerging to be one of the successful career options in the present time. So if you have a passion for cars, this might be the ticket for you to live a successful career. Make sure you learn from the best experts and be innovative and open-minded in this field. Work on your skills and make sure you have qualifications in all the required fields. The automotive engineering field has an exciting salary package.

AUTHOR BIO: David Logan is an automotive engineer in one of the top companies. He is also associated with where he offers automotive engineering assignment writing help. He can even suggest you some really good resume builder software for you.


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