For Windows 7 users, the copy and paste functions are a bit different. He brings over 30 years of experience as an enthusiast and custom computer builder with a passion for data handling and storage. We will use this name and the Command prompt to locate the driver. The log is a text file so double clicking on it will open it in Notepad. MVP Google Drive

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2711: Transferring a System from IDE to SATA Hard Disk and Vice Versa

Position your cursor inside the Notepad window, click the left mouse button and select Paste. How do we find where this driver is in our installed Windows OS?

Version 11 is not compatible with windows acronie. If not can you provide a link where I can upgrade my True Image to a version that will work in this situation. Will it work, maybe. Then locate the Media Builder Tool icon and click to select the tool. In our example, we find that the Original name of our Storage Controller driver is iastorac. It was only certified forXP and vista. Dave, welcome to these User Forums. Boot system from CD, make back up. Choose your appropriate version of Windows.

ACHI to RAID | Acronis Forum

Skip to main content. I did this in preparation of installing a new ssd.


Press the Enter key and the utility will produce a list of all device drivers on your computer, as illustrated below. In most cases, a non-working device in Recovery media is due to a lack of driver support. Haci the Inf file and then click Open. These are the instructions: If you system is booting successfully with AHCI enabled, you have two choices, both of which should work for you.

Save this Notepad to an easily remembered location so it can be retrieved when acrlnis the Recovery Media. Once you have pasted the path into the File name field, click the Open button and Explorer will navigate auci the path location, revealing the needed Inf file for selection, as illustrated below.

I tried support but every time I try it says on one page I have no registered products while it clearly lists them on another. I am not sure I understand the point about account email addresses? Toward the end of the log you will find a section for Updating drivers.

True Image Rescue Disk wont load in AHCI | Acronis Forum

Using Explorernavigate to:. Then click the left mouse button to copy the path.

The path will appear in the Notepad. Type Command into the Search box on the Task bar Find Command Prompt in the next menu Hover your cursor over the entry Right-click and select Run as administrator When the Command Prompt opens it will appear as illustrated below. Open Acronis True Image on your computer and then select the Tools option from the left column.


Write down the Driver Date and the Driver Version found here for future reference. Scroll down the list until you find the Published name of your driver, then record the Original name of the driver file as illustrated below. If not, does anyone know how to achieve this?

Power User Insights: Advanced WinPE/RE Driver Injection in Acronis Media Builder

We now know that our driver for the Intel Storage Controller is: This utility can be used to manage device drivers in a Windows installation and help determine where our driver file is located. He brings over 30 years of experience as an enthusiast and custom computer builder with a passion for data handling and storage. The key issue here with the TI

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