It is good to know the Matrix Storage drivers take care of the write back cache. Good news is, I burned a CD this afternoon and it went smoothly. That’s where it makes more sense, and is most needed. Btw i have also tried connecting to both the black and red SATA connectors on the board – but no difference. Dec 30, Posts: I think I spoke too soon about that memory problem

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All I want is flexibility.

Anybody got any ideas on this one. Well, I have good news and bad news. If so, I can test it right away I’m just lost on this one RAID wsus do me any good, I only have one internal HDD at the moment I just got it, and buying another one is completely out of the question for now, buying this one left me almost broke.

Also, if you want to try ;5b me with that memory issue, asuz the link: Man, this is giving me a headache already And Asus messed up too, the JMicron controller is a pain in the The way I see it you’r looking at a new install cuz you’r mixing too much stuff and are probably applying the wrong settings in bios while doing it.

Ahci Configuration – Asus P5B-E Plus User Manual [Page 81]

It does make sense, if they activate it, they know how much they have and how to use ahic more efficiently. Virtually all affordable optical drives are PATA. Everything seems fine now.


Three Windows installs in less than 48 hours and four in less than three weeks in the same computer just drove me a little wild. I now have three problems with this configuration. Hi all, As the title says i cannot install windows Vista either 32 bit or 64 bit as windows setup will not allow me to load the drivers for AHCI from Intel.

Are you haci it’s the Intel controller giving you grief? Log in or Sign up. As for the write back cache, you can enable that here from that matrix console.

Would they even function in a “true” SATA environment?

I’ve checked that already, they are seated correctly At one time, I had a list of around 8 different drivers to install latest oficial, plus two recent ones directly from JMicron’s website – one of them downloaded only a few hours ago I had to return the controller to IDE configuration and manually install the “Standard Dual Channel IDE Controller” to get it working again It is good to know the Matrix Storage drivers take care of the write back cache.

Right after I wrote it, I though “man, are you planning to start a fire asue or what? It seems my first CD burn after install is just around the corner However, every time the system suspends on its own as per Power options schemessus monitor doesn’t power up, and sometimes the HDD keeps thrashing for half a minute or so, then stops and that’s it. If i can’t solve this issue i cannot see me upgrading which is a shame.


Now the whole properties page is greyed out Oh, just one thing You could try one simple thing though, and by goddigedy why didn’t I come up with this any sooner aaaarg, its so simple and obvious.

Unable to install Vista with AHCI on Asus p5B Deluxe

This is really frustrating – i even tried loading RC1 build with the same problem. I have to let them “Auto” for the speed, or else I get in trouble Maybe because I still only have ODDs on it?

Good news is, I burned a CD this afternoon and it went smoothly. Maybe the Catalyst drivers or zhci service related to that I disabled?

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