Although the sound is generally alright, the basses could be better. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Please, switch off ad blockers. The nVidia GeForce 8×00 are known for running hot and breaking down. For mobility you should definitely at least choose the 56Wh 6 cells version.

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The performance of the XPS M is compared to competitor notebooks of the subnotebook class really excellent. To prevent the risk of object penetration between display and base unit, Dell provides a notebook bag for the XPS M instead.

Review Dell XPS M Notebook – Reviews

So, the keyboard unit looks spacious. As long as you do not travel carrd big luggage, it is very useful. A clicking noise is sometimes emitted by the hard disk, especially during the boot process. I know my question is about a quite old laptop, I hope there is anyone who can help me. The measured black valuethis is the minimum representable brightness, was very low.

This should be the biggest advantage of the LED version. But, this installation did not complete successfully, because the notebook shutdown by itself. Doom 3 and Fear run fine with low resolution and details, however, if you increase them, the built-in video card is quickly at its limit.


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Typing with M feels comfortable. It is easy to hit the right keys, and also the point of pressure convinces. The same is true, for the complete part with the XPS logo, which even wobbles a little bit. We tried to solve the problem by reinstalling Windows Vista.

The hinges of the Dell M do not only look good, they also convince in use. Ccard show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Loudness Despite the fan runs permanently even in idle modewe felt that the XPS is relatively quiet. I fear that I may have problems with just MB. Hello to everyone in the forum.

Especially the high-quality materials contribute to its good haptics. I mean, I don’t really need the portability in everyday use, but I could use it occasionally.

Dell XPS M1330.. Can I upgrade the Graphics Card?

The case of the M is beautifully designed and convinces also by high quality materials with user-friendly haptics. Instead a closing mechanism of the hinges, keeps the notebook closed. For those who travel a lot the 9-cells 85Wh battery might be interesting too.

Vertically, when looking from top down, you’ll quickly face a loss of contrast and a darkening of the display. As a supplement, you’ll find stereo cable bound headphones and bluetooth headphones, which allow enjoying music without cable possible, in the package.


The same is completely true for the XPS M For mobility you should definitely at least choose the 56Wh 6 cells version. The surface temperature of the bottom side was somewhat higher than at the top side. I’ve run into way too many complaints about this specific laptop.

Review Dell XPS M1330 Notebook

This is most obvious, because of the relatively hard stop at the end of the typing process. At the time of writing there are 2 different display versions available for the XPS M Regarding colors, the XPS M has a black finished trough made of aluminum, gtaphic aluminum palm rest areasand a black display with silver molding.

Under load the fan runs clearly faster, and a noise level of about So, the illuminaation is Finally, also the stability of the xpx unit is alright. Especially the basses are not so good.

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