Godaddy Email Down Problems? 5 Common Email Issues


These days it is common to see troubleshooting in the email service providers that we use. Godaddy is also one such that provides its valuable services to their clients and hence it has a number of people getting used to their services. Even in this, there will be Godaddy email problems that the users will face. We will look at that and methods to fix it.

A Brief Introduction About Godaddy

An American internet domain registrar and a web hosting company is this godaddy which offers plenty of services to their users. The headquarters is in Arizona, United States and was founded by Bob Parsons. It has more than 7,000 employees. Though it look great from all sides, still users face some issues which are given below:

Problems with the Godaddy Email

The common issue that can be seen with the godaddy email are as follows:

  • Emails cannot be either sent or received from your godaddy email account. 
  • Also associated websites of the godaddy email could not be found in google. 
  • You will face difficulties logging into your godaddy account.
  • Or there are even chances of your account to be spammed or got hacked by any of the hackers.  
  • In your outlook the godaddy account will not be working. 

Methods to Fix the Issue with your Godaddy Account 

Solution 1: check if the server is down

When you find any issue in your godaddy email, the first thing that you have to check is whether ‘Godaddy email down’ or not. There are plenty of websites available just for checking out this issue. We recommend you to use websites like downdetector, down for everyone or just me etc.

Even when the email is down, you will not be able to send any mail or receive it. So there is no other option other than to wait in case the server is down. 

Solution 2: Mails marked as spam 

Over the past few years, spam and virus emails started to emerge which is the reason when a sender sends an email in a lump sum amount, most of it will be marked as spam. There are email authentications that are set to identify if your email server is legitimate or not. 

So when those emails don’t have this authentication, it will be automatically pushed into your spam folders. 

Solution 3: Change the Browser

Godaddy email not working’ can also happen due to problems in the browser. So if you can, you can give another browser a try to see whether the mail works there smoothly. 

Solution 4: Try Different Methods

There is another option to try like logging out and logging in into the mail, uninstalling the app you are using and reinstalling can help. 

Solution 5: Reset the Password 

If you feel like someone has hacked you or if you have forgotten your password, then you must reset your password immediately. Follow the steps that are given below to change your password. 

Step 1: open your browser and go to the godaddy reset password page.

Step 2 : Once the password reset page of the account appears, type your username or customer ID of your godaddy account. Then click on the continue button to continue further. 

Step 3: Then you will have to answer the security question that you have set while registering the account. After completing it, hit the submit button. 

Step 4: Now you will receive a password reset link in your mail, click on it. This will now take you to the password resetting page. Resetting can also change the Godaddy email issues that you have faced. 

Step 5: Enter your new password in the field given , you will have to type it again to confirm your password.

Step 6: Once you type it correctly, now you can follow the on screen instruction to complete the password resetting method successfully. 
Errors in email are common these days and so there are several platforms that give solutions to fix the issue that you face through your email. We will recommend an amazing platform for fixing all kinds of troubles with your email, that is Emails Crunch. Experts in the platform are having solutions that can fix any kind of issue that you face in your email.


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