Emails and email applications are the only means of communication in today’s world. Emails have become an integral part of our daily lives. As the number of email applications grows, so does the number of options available to consumers. For improved services and email communication, users constantly switching from one email client to another. However, each email client saves data in a distinct file format. This is why switching from one emailing program to another is a difficult task. One such transfer is from Windows Live Mail to Outlook, which necessitates for converting EML to PST.

Windows Live Mail and Outlook are two excellent email clients provided by Microsoft for the Windows operating system. However, they both accept different file formats, with Windows Live Mail supporting EML and Microsoft Outlook supporting PST. Apart from that, various email applications such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and others now support the EML file format. However, there are times when users need to convert EML files to PST files. MS Outlook, for example, has more advanced features. EML file corruption, software or hardware failure, human error, and so on. All of these factors influence consumers’ decision to utilize the PST file format. Thus, both manual and professional solutions for Converting EML to PST format are explored in this blog.

Methods For Converting EML to PST

Both manual and third-party solutions are available to export EML files to PST format. We’ve gone through both ways in depth in this section of the essay.

Method 1: Manually Convert EML to PST Format in MS Outlook.

1. To begin, open Outlook and Windows Live Mail at the same time.

2. Open Windows Live Mail and select File >> Export >> Email Messages from the File menu. After that, select Microsoft Exchange and click Next to proceed.

3. A new Window Live Mail Export tab will emerge after that. To continue, select Microsoft Exchange from the Select the format you wish to export dialogue box and click Next.

4. The notice “This will export messages from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange” will display; click OK to confirm the conversion.

5. Then, from the Select the mail folders you wish to export from Windows Live Mail window, select either Selected Folders or All Folders and click OK to continue.

6. When the operation is finished, a window called Export Complete will appear; click Finish.

7. When the export procedure is finished, a notification appears that says, “Your messages were successfully exported.” Finally, you can glance over the exported email items in Outlook.

Point to Keep in Mind: The manual approach is not without risk; data may be lost. As a result, it is recommended that data be backed up before being exported.

Method #2: An Alternative to Exporting EML to Outlook PST

Because the manual solution isn’t completely foolproof. There is always the possibility of data loss, and it might be difficult to perform at times. To overcome all of these constraints, it is recommended that you use a professional solution for converting EML to PST, such as an SysTools EML to PST converter. It’s a fantastic tool that converts all emails in EML format from any application to PST format with ease. There is no file size limit imposed by the utility. Furthermore, the conversion does not require MS Outlook, which makes this tool more appealing.

Final Thoughts

Outlook is a popular email client that offers a variety of features that appeal to users. As a result, consumers want to switch to Microsoft Outlook, and they’re looking for a way for converting EML to PST format. Both a manual and a third-party tool are discussed in order to complete the conversion properly. Any of these can be chosen based on one’s needs.

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