Habit Burger Menu Prices

Habit Burger Menu Prices


Original Charburger $10.28
Original Double Char$11.89
Double Char$6.32
Tempura Jalapeno Char$7.49
Portabella Char$6.68
Santa Barbara Char$8.43
Teriyaki Char$5.08
Eriyaki Char and cheese$5.95
BBQ Bacon Char$6.47
Double Char $6.32

Family Bundle

Family Char Meal $31.26

Signature Sandwiches

Ahi Tuna Filet $10.28
Tri-Tip Steak $10.28
Veggie Burger $7.51
Veggie Burger with Cheese $8.44
Golden Fried Chicken $8.94
Grilled Chicken $8.48
Grilled Cheese $5.08
Chicken Club $10.27
Charburger and Cheese $5.56
Double Char and Cheese $7.19
Onion Rings $3.39
Tempura Green Beans $3.96
Sweet Potato Fries $3.74
Sriracha Lime Spicy Green Beans $4.68
BBQ Bacon Char and Cheese $7.34
Charburger $4.70

Fresh Salads

Grilled Chicken Caesar $10.04
Garden Salad $5.80
Southwest BBQ Chicken $11.12
Santa Barbara Cobb $11.10
Super Food $11.12
Caesar Salad $5.79


French Fries $2.94
Garlic Fries $4.04
Onion Rings & Fries $3.41
Side Caesar Salad $3.84
Side Salad $3.82
Sweet Potato Fries & Fries $3.76
Roasted Brussels Sprouts $4.09
Tempura Green Beans & Fries $3.96

Frozen Treats

Sundaes $3.59
Chocolate Shake $4.65
Shake of Coffee $4.65
Mocha Shake $4.65
Strawberry Shake $4.65
Vanilla Shake $4.65
Chocolate Malt $4.65
Coffee Malt $4.65
Coffee Malt $4.65
Strawberry Malt $4.65
Vanilla Malt $4.65
Vanilla Soft Serve $1.28
Oreo Shake $4.97
Pumpkin Malt $4.98
Pumpkin Shake $4.99

Kids’ Favorite Foods

Kids Grilled Cheese $6.60
Kids Hamburger $6.63
Kids Nuggets $6.63
Extra Nugget $0.89


Regular Drink $2.58
Large Drink $3.19
Bottled Water Bottled $2.55

About Habit Burger

With these affordable Habit Burger prices, enjoying the tasty food and beverages can soon become an habit. It is the Habit Burger Grill, which was founded around 1969 is recognized as one of the fastest growing fast-food chains in the United States in the present. The headquarters of the company is located located in Irvine, California.

While the chain hasn’t quite caught with the larger rivals but its size has been working well for it, particularly in keeping high standards for its food and beverages. Actually, the Habit Charburger was cited as the top burger in the United States, according to an Consumer Reports survey in 2014.

The Habit menu features American fast-food staples that are given the highest quality treatment. They include sandwiches, hamburgers Salads French fries, as well as shakes. The signature burger offered by the chain is the Charburger that comes in various variations. It consists of a breaded bun topped with freshly ground 100 meat patty and pickle tomatoes, lettuce as well as caramelized onions and mayonnaise. The variations contain ingredients such as pineapple, mushrooms and avocado.

Below are the most recent Habit Burger menu prices.


The Habit Burger Grill Menu

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