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How Can You Use Enterprise SEO To Promote Traditional Marketing Campaigns?


As we can see that today’s marketing strategies are based on digital content due to people’s higher online engagement, there is nothing wrong with it. But enterprise organizations and brands who really want to stay on top of their competitors, must not ignore the significant role of traditional marketing to boost their brand awareness, sales, revenue, and build trust.

We are living in a world, where people use multiple screens and devices at one time. This shows a real connection between the user, traditional media, and digital marketing potential.  Upon intertwining the traditional marketing and SEO strategies, a customer can get a robust experience when he/she is on their journey to explore your brand starting from the first funnel to the next. This combination of traditional marketing and Enterprise SEO can control the consumer’s journey to enhance brand recognition, strengthen the user experience, and finally drive higher ROI. You must understand the role of traditional marketing, it plays for your business in today’s time and what may it bring when it is combined with SEO strategy. 

When it comes to using enterprise SEO for assisting your traditional marketing campaigns, make sure you know it entails a little consideration. Let’s go through some tips: 

Aligning your objectives  

Marketing includes a web of channels and they are connected with each other. When you are going to support any single channel, you need to ensure that your objectives are aligned. But it does not mean that each channel should rely on the same strategy or work on the same targeted audience. It is recommended that you need to keep SEO considerations in mind while building a traditional marketing campaign. Devote proper time to consider your audience, objectives, and how to rule on enterprise SEO so that it can maximize traditional marketing ROI. 

Thinking about the consumer journey 

Keep in mind that not all your marketing efforts deliver immediate conversion results. Customers enter the funnel at varied points. Some of them gather information or others may not even know what they need. This is why you need to emphasize brand awareness while making efforts. 

Creating content to build a smooth relation with traditional marketing tools 

As we know that marketers are working on ad creation that fits organically with traditional marketing tools like print media, radio, and TV content. With this, the organic relationships with the audience are being focused on. Working with traditional marketing tools like radio, print media, and television celebrities, as well as outlets, will give you the unique chance to share some specific content with your audience. Another benefit is that you can link your website in promotional posts on social media as well like Connect app, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Building a destination 

If you want to maximize your traditional marketing ROI, then it is not sufficient to traverse your consumers from the traditional world to your website. There must be a purpose when you are working on this transition to the digital world. 

The best way to do is to build landing pages, which target the location of a consumer, he/she comes from a radio, podcast, magazine, flyer, etc. Defining a destination to consumers will give them a meaningful way to enter the digital space. 

Making your landing pages mobile-friendly 

Undoubtedly, 70% of people of all groups have their smartphones in their hands while watching TV. Of course, they may be finding something about your brand like your services or products using Google. This is why it has become important to create mobile-friendly landing pages and include those links in your search results and traditional ads. 

Emphasizing Google Business Listing Optimization 

Google offers a Business Listing service that acts as a virtual business card for any business and provides your brand authority and boosts trust. It is important to optimize your Business Listing on Google by providing a valid address and a description that must be optimized. Try to create Google reviews and claim the search panel, making a path for Google to embed it in its search results. Apart from basic setup and maintenance, there are many additional things you can do to optimize Google Business Listings such as:

  • Reach the billboard viewers with the use of Geofencing and IP Targeting 
  • Pinning the social media posts that are connected with traditional ads 

Don’t go away from other channels 

Enterprise SEO is based on a unified strategy, which means that all your channels must be brought together. This is why consider all your other channels as well. Many users use the Google search bar to search for anything, while some consider Facebook, Instagram, or other social media apps like Connected to search for something for your company or brand. It means that you need to take all of these channels together and know how they can work for supporting each other.

Reap the benefits now!

Consumers who are influenced by your traditional marketing techniques are expected to get involved with your brand online whether they are using a direct search on Google, visiting your website directly, or via different social media platforms. 

When you combine the two of them, it will help you to get a wider and more targeted audience, which will result in enhanced site traffic, brand attentiveness, and eventually conversions. So, considering all the above-mentioned tips will help you reach your goals and results easily. 


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