How to find Best Air Freight Services in Dubai


The best thing to do is to make an appointment to view the apartment with air freight advisor. First of all, your project is discussed, the loading and unloading point is recorded and your desired date is recorded. The transport volume is then precisely determined. After our consultant has made a first impression, he can give you many helpful suggestions about the process and possible cost savings.

Before the move of air cargo to Pakistan from Dubai, we can deliver moving boxes and packaging materials or take over the packaging work in whole or in part (glass and porcelain).

Experience the friendliest Air Freight Team

Our friendly air freight team comes on the agreed date and often loads all of your moving goods into one of our air-suspended moving vehicles within a few hours. The dismantling and assembly of all cabinets by a cabinet maker is a matter of course for us. Kitchen assemblies are carried out by us up to the ready-to-use handover. In order to protect your new carpet or parquet floor when you move in, the floor will be covered by us. Unpacking the moving boxes is often done by the customer, but our specialist packers will also be happy to unpack the moving boxes for you. The packaging materials will be picked up by us after the move and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Get the Support and solution

Advice, viewing and an offer for your move is free of charge with any forwarding agent and non-binding for you as a customer. Make sure that the moving service is described in detail in the offer. The costs should always be shown as a “fixed price” or “binding maximum price” by an experienced air freight forwarder after an inspection. If you intend to transport some of the removal goods yourself or want to help with the move yourself, billing can also be based on proof of performance if you wish.

We install your kitchen until it is ready for use.

Experienced carpenters adapt countertops, wreaths and skirting boards.

If the worktop in your kitchen from the old apartment no longer fits in the new one, we can work the sink and stove into a new worktop quickly and smoothly. Wall cabinets and extractor hoods are then dowelled. On request, we can organize the electrical and water connections on the day of the move. We measure the kitchen and plan with you down to the last detail, whether L-, U-shape or whatever you have in mind. Make an appointment with our experienced kitchen builder. tell us your wishes and many will envy you your new (old) kitchen.

After the final cleaning, you can often use your kitchen again on the evening of the day of the move.

Art transports

Correct packaging is essential in order to transport valuable objects safely and reliably. Special packaging materials protect valuable art objects. Wrapping paper, packing silk, bubble wrap, upholstery cardboard, variable images, or Styrofoam balls, we know which packaging it has to be. Our trained art packers ensure safe packaging. Normally, people living in any Emirates, they need Cargo to Pakistan from Ajman with complete solution from pickup to delivery.

Should you call a fragile sculpture your own? Unusual transport containers are made to measure in our carpenter’s workshop.

In addition, works of art are insured separately with us. You also see your art in good hands with us.

Office removals

You decide what you do yourself and what we can do for you:

You can take on the packing and unpacking of the office contents and, if necessary, the dismantling and assembly of furniture yourself with internal staff. Alternatively, we can provide you with our trained packers and cabinet makers for your move

Either you take over the scheduling or you rely on our professional process planning to largely maintain ongoing operations

If your own storage and storage rooms no longer offer any reserves, we will take over the temporary storage of office inventory and furniture in our modern storage rooms

International removals

Emigration is becoming increasingly popular with the overseas living in Dubai. As soon as you have decided on a country, you can start planning your move. International removals are not as easy to manage as, for example, within Dubai. Especially when it comes to leaving the country forever and starting over somewhere else, you need more than just a few moving boxes.

The choice of the company

So that the move can go smoothly, you should use a moving company to help you move. They have experience in the field of international removals and can provide advice and assistance. You can also determine the costs of the move with just a few questions. This can be quite expensive, especially when moving overseas. Often many people forget about customs duties or fees for containers and crossing. In addition to companies from home, you should also obtain offers from other providers from abroad. Dubai moving companies are not always the cheapest option.

Collect the first information on the Internet

In order to be able to calculate the costs once, you can use the Internet as your first point of contact. There are special relocation calculators that can calculate the costs. In addition to information about the location and day of the move, things are also asked about what should be transported. The price calculator calculates the qm3 with the help of this information and can then immediately show how many containers or moving trucks are required. With this knowledge it is easier to approach the moving company. Furthermore, you know for yourself whether the move is affordable or not.

Long journey of furniture

International removals don’t happen overnight. Not only is long planning necessary, but it often also takes longer before the furniture has reached its intended destination. If the furniture is transported by ship with the container, this can take a few months.


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