How to make your business a successful company


Transforming a small business into a successful company is not such a simple task, but the vast majority of entrepreneurs are already used to big challenges, and this will be just one more…

You knew that a small business represents a significant portion of the world’s entrepreneurs, but how to make your business a successful company in times of pandemic?

According to an article published on the Shopify platform, the e-commerce market is expected to reach an incredible US$ 4.89 trillion in 2021.

The crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic caused millions of people to lose their jobs, making entrepreneurship the only way out for the survival of businesses in the most differentiated niches.

It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur by choice or necessity, in this article, we will cover some essential points for your business to be a successful company. See below!

Business Planning is essential!

Planning is essential for any business, and yours could not be different.

Have you ever stopped to think that even being a small business, your company needs the same organization as a large company?

You need to know your business model in-depth to identify risks and opportunities, and thus generate more conversions or sales.

Seek to deeply understand who your customer is, your competitors, and also about the new trends in the online world market.

This initial diagnosis is essential to define how and how much to charge for your work and how your work is priced, whether by the hour, by project, by service, etc.

Always try to get honest feedback from your customers, this will help you decide where to direct investments, whether in news or returning to a previous product or service.

In other words, start by understanding the behavior of the market, profiling your persona, the value people are willing to pay for what you offer, and how your business will reach that target audience.

The answers to these questions need to be clear to direct your actions and the investment of capital you have to start trading.

Setting clear and objective goals

From this initial business idea, set clear and objective goals using the INTELLIGENT BUSINESS system, with a detailed description of deadlines and other information that define how the goals will be met.

Don’t forget to define indicators that will show you whether or not you are on the right path to achieving your goals.

In addition, financial and accounting control cannot be lacking in your company, it is also necessary to map fixed costs, carry out adequate pricing and monitor cash flow, “investment inflows and outflows”.

There’s no way a business can be successful without knowing for sure how much money goes in and out, is there?

Register your COMPANY brand

Registering a trademark or patent contributes to the enhancement of any business regardless of size or niche.

Strongly consider the idea of ​​investing in a creative and innovative visual identity, create a logo and arrange for registration with the Agency responsible for registration of trademarks and patents.

Although this action entails costs, this is a way to differentiate itself in the market and add value to the company.

Did you know that the brand of some companies is more valuable than all assets (business assets) put together? Yes, it is the case of Walmart, Amazon, Nike, and many others.

The more organized your company is, the more promising it will be, and this also facilitates its transformation into a Single Person Society, when business grows.

In addition, registering your company’s trademark prevents others from copying and using your idea without your permission.

Imagine the following situation: You start an entrepreneur, plan everything, invest money, think of a creative name, adopt a visual identity on social networks and when everything is flowing well, someone steals your idea and registers it in her name.

You don’t want it right? Therefore, always think about valuing your company and the exclusivity and differentials of what you offer, think about the future of your business!

Use creativity, make your company unique and create a visual identity and your own registered brand, this will help you show your differential to the market.

Take all possible actions to protect your business and make it grow, develop an entrepreneurial mindset and behavior!

And speaking of entrepreneurial behavior, we cannot fail to mention Digital Marketing. Read on!

Investing in Digital Marketing is hitting the target!

Keep in mind that technology is a great ally of any company, without it, it is harder to achieve your goals.

Digital Marketing helps a lot in promoting a company, not to mention that a digital presence in the post-pandemic scenario is mandatory given the change in consumer behavior.

Social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube help a lot in the beginning, to establish the first contact with your target audience.

However, having a professional website offers much more chances of results in your Digital Marketing strategy, using, for example, Google as an ally, that is, when people search the Internet for the product or service you offer, they will be able to find your website on good positions in the best internet search engines.

The so-called Inbound Marketing is the best way to be found in search engines and for that you need to have authority and work on various optimization strategies or techniques for online search engines.

Your website has to be professional

With a professional website, it is possible to produce quality content and insert this content in the website’s Blog area so that your potential customer will find it when they search for your product or service on Google.

This is possible thanks to an Internet writing technique called SEO, which is the acronym in English for Search Engine Optimization, or simply, website optimization.

With this writing technique, it is possible to make your Blog page be found in search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing according to the keywords used by those who are doing the online search.

In other words, SEO companies like optimize the positioning of your business’ website on the Internet, making it appear right among the first results.

Thus, by producing relevant content for your target audience, using the right keywords, potential customers will more easily find your company on the Internet.

This means that more customers will get to know your company and will buy your products and services.

In addition, e-commerce sales already represent a significant share of sales for most companies, with a growth of around 75% in 2020, according to data and internet research.

Final considerations

As the costs to maintain a small business are relatively low, there is more capital to invest in its growth strategy, so some factors such as organization, planning and persistence are essential. Be patient.

Digital Marketing is a fundamental part of your business growth strategy, so consider investing in a professional website or e-commerce to increase your sales and profits faster and more effectively!

But be aware, the term faster does not mean immediately, but it means that you cannot waste time, the competition has invested heavily in different niches, differentiated businesses and your company cannot be left out.

Sometimes we won’t be able to get the best slice of the pie, but with the right strategy, efforts can be smaller and more objective, thus reaching many more customers.

Even with a large number of videos and information present on the internet, the ideal is to hire a digital agency with a reference and known in the online market, so that your money and time are not wasted.

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