How To Overcome Writer’s Block & Write Excellent Essays: A Handy Guide


Essay writing can be a lot of fun. One can have epic fun when one knows a lot about the topic, finds relevant information sources and has the skills to develop engaging content. However, problems arise when any one of those three factors are not met, and you are stuck, unable to make any progress whatsoever.

So, what do you do when you are stuck while writing an essay? How can essay writers help themselves out of such a rut? Experts from reputed essay assignment help services attempt to answer all such questions through this lucid article.

What to Do When You Are Stuck With Your Essays?

One of the most important things to remember when you are stuck with an essay is not to panic & despair. It Is pretty normal to feel stuck sometimes. The phenomenon is called writer’s block and is a culmination of several factors, such as stress & anxiety. 

The steps below can help you get unstuck.

  • Do not stress yourself out over an essay unnecessarily! Think about solving the problem instead of worrying or getting overwhelmed by it. Keep calm and think about the topic given. 


Think about what you have to write about, scope out relevant information sources, and start collecting necessary data for your content.


  • Have patience. Your mind may be preoccupied with something else, and it may take time to come up with fresh ideas. Also, the more challenging the topic, the longer it may take to develop apt ideas for your essay.


  • Do some freewriting if possible. Write something down; it can be related to the topic or something else entirely. The aim is to break out of the rut and get your mental faculties up & running.


  • Incidences of writer’s block are prevalent for those that leave their essay for the last hour. The stress & tension of impending deadlines can drain and debilitate even the most skilled & academic of students.  


Start early. You will then find ample time to brainstorm, do thorough research, develop a unique perspective and craft pitch-perfect content.


If your teacher assigns a paper due on the same week, do not procrastinate and start working on it right away. Instead, get things done early and deliver well-written content, not some haphazard write-up concocted at the 12th hour.

  • Talk to your peers and teachers to get unstuck. Ask them for ideas or discuss your own and take note of their feedback.


  • Do not make things too tricky by comparing yourself with others. Everybody has their process and write at their speed.  


Develop a well-thought-out plan for developing a perfect essay. Think of how much time the whole process (researching, data collection, analysis, drafting, editing & proofreading) will take and prepare accordingly. 


Following the steps above diligently can streamline any essay writing process, no matter how tough the topic or the essay requirements. Nevertheless, experts of outstanding essay help services on the Web cite two significant causes of writer’s block among students- poor time management and lack of topic knowledge. 


Let’s find out how to overcome these obstacles.


Manage Your Time Properly And Start Writing Like A Pro

Procrastination, demotivation, multitasking and poor work ethics are some of the biggest reasons students struggle with time. If you often find it difficult to submit your essays on time or get stressed out writing one at the last moment, your need to take better care of your time.

  • Leave nothing for last! Start early on, and you will find yourself completing everything comfortably, well within time.
  • Develop a proper plan for writing your essay. Allocate specific time slots for every aspect of the essay writing process and complete them within that period.


  • Be diligent & disciplined and follow the set routine with dedication.


  • Write at a stretch for half an hour and then take a 10-minute break. Modify the time limit at your convenience, and do not stray from that.

Effective time management requires focus, persistence and a motivated attitude. No tips and tricks will work unless you implement them in your life & routine. So be determined and start managing your time right away.

Next up, find out how to get unstuck when faced with an unknown topic.

How To Write On Something That You Nothing About?

You can never know what topic you will have to write on. Therefore, it is best to be flexible and always be ready to step out of your comfort zone when preparing to write on something. Such an attitude serves well any time you write on something unknown.

Besides having a flexible mindset, here’s what you can do if you face unknown & unfamiliar topics.

  • Hit Up Google and The Social Networking Sites

The Internet is a gigantic digital encyclopedia. There are numerous resources out on the Web to find information on almost every topic. Just make sure of the date and authenticity of the source materials.

Social networking sites can be an excellent place to gather information. Most importantly, social media posts are a great way to ascertain public opinion on a particular topic. In addition, you can get an inkling of any elements of controversy and the context of the general public from posts, surveys, polls, etc.

Facebook’s Related Articles is a great place to find quality write-ups from credible sources. 

You can even poke around the more unsavory corners of the Web in search of information. Just make sure you do so carefully and securely. Also, determine the credibility of the information you collect, such as the date, authors, references, etc. And crosse checks all data and information from multiple reliable sources.

  • Gather Reliable Data & Add Relevant Quotes 

Unless you can directly get in touch with a subject matter expert, it is best to collate data from trusted sources. Developing credible content comes on any topic requires thorough & well-rounded knowledge. 

Here are some great ways to find reliable data.

  • Access This is a giant online repository where you can find many books and authentic research journals. Libgen is the best place to find essays on science & technology topics.


  • Visit BuzzSumo. The site has an excellent search feature where you can locate articles & blogs from reliable sources on almost any kind of topic.


  • Get a good look at the references in any book or write-up you read. They are there for a reason: to help readers verify the credibility of the information & locate other relevant information sources. 


  • Check them out when you encounter hyperlinks within an article, particularly to research studies or reports. They can provide copious amounts of background information and relevant data to incorporate into your essays.

The four points above can give you a head start when you are stuck with unknown & convoluted topics. 

Before we round up this write-up, here’s the essential roadmap for writing an excellent essay. Refer to it whenever you are stuck and struck by writer’s block.

Step-By-Step Process For Writing A Great Essay Even When You Are Stuck

  • Your Essay Is Your Chance To Shine.

Instead of getting bogged down, think of your essays as a platform to showcase your knowledge and writing skills. So take them on and conquer them with confidence. 

  • Remember To Have Fun.

Whenever you are stuck with writer’s block, motivate yourself by thinking about how much fun you can have while writing the piece. You learn new things, expand existing knowledge and employ your cognitive capabilities in crafting quality content.

  1. Write Five Original Sentences.

If you feel overwhelmed, write five sentences about the topic in your own words. Brainstorm and think about the essay question before writing. Use each one for the introduction, the three body paragraphs and the conclusion.

Once done, back them up with relevant data and supporting sentences.

  • Try To Be ‘Source-Heavy’.

A ‘source-heavy’ essay is full of quotes and ample credible references. Aim for a 60/40 ratio where 60%of the content should be your arguments & observations and the rest, quotes & references. This technique makes for a great writ-up as it focuses heavily on research.

  • Write The Body First, the Introduction Second and the Conclusion Last

Such an approach will make for a smooth & cohesive narrative. However, introductions can be tough to craft as they need to catch the reader’s attention, keep them hooked and deliver precise background information. 

When you are stuck with a challenging essay, develop the body early on and use it to design an intriguing introduction. Finally, write a thought-provoking conclusion at the end of it all.

And, that brings us to the end of this article. Here’s hoping this write-up aids anyone stuck with essay writing. 


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