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How to Track GPS location Tracker Apps for Android


The Global positioning system technology has evolved over the years and empowers you to know about someone’s geographical position. The tracking applications have become, and today we are using them for navigation of vehicles, devices, and people around the world carrying cellphones, tablets, and computer devices no time ever before. Today in this post, we discuss the best GPS location tracker apps for android phones and tablets.

Top 3 Best Android GPS tracking apps that you need to know

Teens have the habit of lying because they do inappropriate and dangerous activities with peers outside of the house. Teens used to lie about their hidden whereabouts from parents, and there is no better option than using GPS tracker apps for android devices. Employers want to know about the exact and current location of employees working outside the company. A location tracking software can monitor and track the current and accurate location of the target person by taking location longitude and latitude coordinates.

Users can use android tracker app to find out where their kids go without letting you know and track your employees secretly. Parents can protect teens from inappropriate activities by tracking secret whereabouts, and employers can monitor employee’s location outside the premises of an organization.

Here is the list of Top 3 GPS location tracker applications that every parent and employer needs to know.

TheOneSpy GPS tracker

TheOneSpy is one of the best tracking applications that monitor the GPS location of your target android device connected to cyberspace. It is a safe and sound application that you can use on a target phone without root. It empowers you to track the location of the target device secretly without being detected. It is helpful for parents to find out the hidden whereabouts of kids secretly. Employers can trace employee’s locations and get to know where they are present during working hours.

TheOneSpy Powerful location tracker features for android 

Here is the following feature that you can use to monitor and track someone’s GPS location without them knowing by keeping tabs of android cellphones and tablets. 

  • Real –time location tracker 
  • Location history tracking 
  • Geo –Fence 
  • Location tracking without GPS 
  • Location monitoring by using number 

Pros & Cons of TheOneSpy GPS tracker 


  • It is a user-friendly and easy to use a tracker app
  • It works on non-rooted Android phones
  • It remains hidden on the mobile phone


  • No remote installation 

OgyMogy tracker app 

It is the most advanced phone tracker application that allows you to track someone’s location. It is an app for digital phones and easy-to-use location tracking software. It works on your kid’s cellphone device connected to cyberspace. The application has user -friendly interface and does not require rooting. 

OgyMogy android tracker software Features 

You need to install the best GPS location tracker app on the target device using the following features.

  • Geo-location
  • Real-time location
  • Online and offline location tracker
  • Location history 

Pros & cons of OgyMogy GPS tracker for android 

  • It is non-rooted android tracker 
  • It takes few minutes to get install 
  • Reasonable price with dozens of features 
  • It is hidden and undetectable on target device 


  • Require physical access for configuration 

Family location – GPS tracker for android phones

It claims as one of the top 3 GPs tracker apps for cellphones. You can use it to do surveillance on your target device of kids and teens to make sure their safety in surrounding neighborhoods. It is the reliable GPS tracking software for android that empowers you to set parental control on kid’s location. Further, it provides real –time location of targeted devices of employees. Parents can track kid’s school location without them knowing and protect them from strangers. 

Top features of Family location tracking software

  • It can track the live GPS location of kids
  • It gives users alerts
  • It provides a certain destination for your kids 
  • Powerful GPS tracker features for accurate location monitoring 


The TheOneSpy android tracker app is the best tool for users to track real–time location. It provides you location virtually on Map. It stands no.1 android monitoring software that provide you accurate location tracker features. 


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