It seems very well made and has 4 legs that can be adjusted to give you the position that’s most comfortable. Cole at August 17, Modern key keyboards invariably follow the M design and put 31 of those keys in a big section on the right: Rii Mini I8 2. I promptly bought one, and am now well on the way to adapting to it. I looked around and found a slightly used one on Ebay. And also, if you have a keyboard that’s not as wide, you can put the mouse on the same keyboard tray as the keyboard, eliminating those annoying mouse-trays!

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But good ol’ Mr. It’s a jungle out there. Rick at January 17, I remember once, we made it all the way to a pillbox, under intense fire, men were dropping like flies, only to find we had left the mouse pad back in the dugout.

IBM SpaceSaver TrackPoint USB Keyboard (Model KPH)

I try to keep the keyboard clean but there are a few issues with repetitive use e. FoF at August 17, spacesaaver Jani at March 30, Ahmed at July 23, On my laptop I have the trackpoint sensitivity on very high.

The sad part is the key leftover on the right. Any other comments on the comfort or not of the keyboard? If you think the world is dangerous, safety is always the No. It’s narrower than the model posted here and has some space where you can rest your hands while typing They are a marvel of design and usability and I would urge anyone except accountants or gamers to get one immediately.


Unicomp, Inc.: Spacesaver M White Buckling Spring USB

By the way, being a left-handed mouser spacfsaver not necessarily mean that you switch the left and right mouse buttons. They do not seem to be designed with usability in mind.

If you have limited desk space, or if you can not comfortably reach that far for your mouse, you end up shifting your keyboard to the left. Milo at July 20, Actually, the number pad can be quite useful for keyboard games like NetHackso if you play NetHack all day long or if you are an accountant who is a spreadsheet maven, you will want a different keyboard.

May 21, World’s best Computer Keyboard I spend all day in front of a computer keyboard. Re woe to speedy typists — my ibbm HP’s keyboard won’t let me cap a letter if I type it “too soon” after hitting shift.

It’s built like a tank, weighs five pounds, but the keyboard action is a dream. I hope it isn’t too rigid for me to push it around. The item may be a factory second or a new, keyvoard item with defects or irregularities.


I think of the top row as the special characters row. Just want to thank you for the tip on the holy grail of keyboards! Usually not much, a single pixel every now and then, but on a bad day spaccesaver can go from one side keyblard the screen to the other in less than a minute Rick at December 22, Bob at September 4, There are all weird shapes and prices and I cannot find one like this, it is unbelieveable.

I am indebted to you Sir.

IBM SpaceSaver II

I found this site by googling “best keyboard in the world” because I need it. It also serves as a 2-port USB hub. I have been searching for something that should already be available Kevin at August 2, So they’re still out there.

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