Inside Supermodel Kendall Jenner’s House

Kendall Jenner's House

Kendall Jenner’s house design team, the mother and son pair Kathleen and Tommy Clements along with the legendary Waldo Fernandez – didn’t know what exactly they could expect from their 24 year-old star client.  Her style was a little different with her style which was more fun and bohemian than her family. The way she spoke about her mood was a sly and casual style. Tommy recalls of the first meeting of the team with Jenner, who is said to be one of the highest-paid models on the planet. Being what Jenner is we thought Kendall might be drawn to things that were more glamorous like va-va-voom. We were delighted to learn that she has a taste that is above her time, adds Kathleen. Fernandez adds to the message. There are plenty of people in our lives who have been on numerous trips and exposed to many things but haven’t taken in everything. Kendall is unique. She is a person who takes everything in her own and believes in things that resonate with her he says.

I prefer a house with character. As I entered the home I was instantly attracted to the tranquil and rustic feel Jenner notes perfectly describing the pan-Mediterranean hybrid architecture which is prevalent across Los Angeles. My life is full of travel chaos and energy so I needed a Kendall Jenner’s house that is serene as a place I could unwind and unwind she continues.

Jenner made no structural changes to the building’s existing structure and instead repurposed two of the five bedrooms into set of stylish fashion and appropriate rooms. The living area represents the young model’s love for natural warm texture, earthy hues, and extremely comfortable furniture. With a warm cozy fireplace that anchors one side of the room and two large sofas filled with a variety of cushions in old-fashioned fabrics and ample space to entertain family and friends. I’m not a big fan of parties. There aren’t many people who are rogues Jenner says of her entertaining style. I love turning on music as well as lighting the fireplace with candles and then watching NBA game with buddies.

Cooking is also an integral part to the Jenner hosting schedule. This house has inspired my to cook more often. I’m always there trying to improve my cooking game. At the moment I’m pretty competent chef the actress avows. Kylie and I were extremely fortunate to receive the guidance of our older sisters as well as an aunt who is a pro. All of them gave me good guidance on how I could arrange my bathroom and kitchen to ensure optimal effectiveness. They also helped me understand that a house is always a working development she adds refers to her three siblings Kim Kourtney as well as Khloe Kardashian and her mother who is extremely powerful Kris Jenner who is the matriarch of the Kardashian clan.

Contrasting with the muted color scheme of the furniture and the finishes Kendall Jenner’s house collection which is contemporary art – which includes works of Barbara Kruger, Richard Prince, Raymond Pettibone, and Sterling Ruby adds a serious burst of bright color in the mix. Near the entrance the signature James Turrell ovoid wall sculpture animated by moving computer programmed LEDs welcomes visitors with a dreamy chromatic display. I’ve ever been a massive Turrell fan. I was first introduced to his work through my brother-in-law and wife Kanye Westwho has a relationship with Turrell, Jenner explains. I would like this to become the central feature of the home I’m so excited to be able to display it here.

While Jenner admits that she’s unfamiliar with the world of contemporary art Fernandez emphasizes that her passion isn’t just superficial. Kendall did not simply check off names on a list or simply taking advice from an advisor. She chose items that were meaningful to her items she felt a strong response in response to Designer notes.

In the living room of her bedroom In her bedroom an Tracey Emin neon sculpture faces off with a set of late 18th-century Italian painted doors. I was a child with these panels throughout the different houses that we lived in. I requested them when my mother was cleaning out some of the storage areas. They remind me of my early years Jenner says. The designers, despite their nostalgia, were not convinced immediately about the quality to use the doors. We were all giving each other the I don’t know appearance because they just did not seem to be a good fit. When the room finally came together we were awed by how it came out. It’s a true testament to Kendall’s eyes Tommy insists.

For Jenner Height who has talked openly about her struggle with panic attacks and anxiety The panels, which include the room for arts and crafts she built in the former theater at home, are just another element of her effort to design an oasis from the bustle of her professional existence under the spotlight of fashion show and paparazzi. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve achieved in this space. The first place I’ve completely renovated and I believe it’s a true reflection of me and what I enjoy she says. In the final analysis I’m a young lady living in L.A. just trying to have fun.

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