I wonder if this is close to what I have going on. No such file or directory Jan 20 To anyone reading this thread. Already done with the same result. I guess I’ve a somewhat different card, as I cannot find the D on the SPROM, and the numbers in the card are also somewhat different to the ones listed as “known affected cards”:.

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en/users/Drivers/b43 – Linux Wireless

I’ve just started trying to help out with bug reporting. Please try that one and try again. Marco Cimmino cimmo mandrivs on I have similar problems with my bcm Sometimes it’ll just time out trying to connect to networks and I have to reboot and go through all this again.

The firmware can be copied from computer to computer. Select all systemctl status network. Since then, I have very rarely been able to see any networks with iwlist worked onceand haven’t been able to connect to mzndriva networks at all.

Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on A few days ago more updates were released, and it then found the card, but it does not see any of the 4 wireless networks around me I only ever used my own, but I could always at least see others. Can confirm that this bug still persists using a clean install of Hardy 8.


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I just don’t understand how it could work on the LiveCD but not on install. There are plenty, here. Everything still worked fine. Also, big thanks to Bcm44312 and everyone who helped pin this thing down – this bug report was incredibly helpful to me.

b43 and b43legacy

It has the MAC address of the second board. Beware of allergic reactions in answer to unconstructive complaint-type posts. So perhaps check it’s actually installed and is the right version for your kernel.

Would I be correct in saying that linux-firmware-nonfree would be the solution for both of those problems? Any number of household devices can interfere. My problem is I cant use wifi. I set it up to use ndiswrapper, then I start the network manager and hit configure.

The strange thing is, it works absolutely perfectly when I’m running from the LiveCD, but when I actually install to disk it doesn’t. Unless you reboot, or modprobe -r b43, changes are ignored.


Right-click it and select Extract Here. In most of the boards listed above, the current contents are 0xD, which must mandrva changed to 0xC. Originally Posted by dec2. I’ll also take this one back to where it was to see if it’s related to signal strength.

en:users:drivers:b43 [Linux Wireless]

If step number 2 also fails, we will have to live with mandgiva disabling of Bluetooth coexistence. Adding Interface type 2 NetworkManager can then correctly probe networks, but cannot connect: That would be the only copy I have. I have been treating the cases individually during the process of card identification, but there is a workaround. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

There are one of two ways you should be able to test:. I have to get it up manually. I had open a thread on: Program is starting Jan 16

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