Cautions for using the machine Transporting The Machine Select the paper to use. Advanced Copy Functions Page 77 Press [Setting]. If you set an administrator password, a screen for entering the administrator password is displayed whenever you press [Management], which enables you to prevent users other than the administrator from changing the settings.

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Editing Characters Editing characters To edit characters, move the cursor to the character you want to edit. Clearing Paper Jams Page 49 Document jam recovery When 350 following message appears after you have cleared the jam, you can restart scanning from the next page of the document.

The ADF glass is dirty.

Muratec MFX Toner Cartridges

Mirroring The Machine Settings Table Of Contents Clearing paper jams Specifying Personal Settings That means when you follow the instructions of the guide, you may not find the instructed item until you press [ ] or [ ] several times.

Trademarks And Copyrights Cleaning The Touch Panel Cleaning the touch panel When the touch panel is mutatec, it may become difficult to operate the machine.


Setting the automatic logout time You can set the time it takes before the machine automatically log out users when it is not used. Turning The Machine Off Canceling The Transmission Canceling the transmission Here we describe how to cancel faxes that mufatec being transmitted.

Page 13 This page intentionally left blank. Contact us today for free copier lease quotes! The default setting is the MAC address, and up to 15 characters can be entered.

Trans-West Network Solutions has grown! Page 24 Press [Add]. A maximum paper capacity of 2, sheets helps ensure bulks jobs can run without interruption. Select the job you want to delete, and press [Delete].

Muratec MFX-3590 Multifunction Monochrome Copier

By assigning frequently used functions, you can use them from the muraetc screen. If you cannot solve the problem If you have a problem with your machine that you cannot solve with the information provided in these manuals, contact your authorized Muratec dealer or call the Muratec Customer Support Center at from U.

Enter the administrator password, and press [Enter]. Symptom Cause Countermeasure Printing is faint The paper is damp. Press the power button. About the display screens Select [Yes] to include the start muratce operation in the job or [No] not to include the start key operation, and press [Enter].


Kuratec 33 Change preferences Click [Print]. Page wrote the original software. Cleaning The Scanning Area Advanced Copy Functions Error messages When a communication error occurs or there is a problem with the machine, the information lamp will illuminate in orange and an error message will be displayed or printed.

Editing The My Mfp Shortcuts Transporting The Machine Cleaning The Recording Area Cleaning the recording area Clean the murratec of the printer section in the following cases: If a password is not set, press [Enter] without entering a password. Home Products Multi function printers and copiers Mfx

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