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It’s common for internet users to have multiple mute tab Chrome open on their desktop browsers if they use it often. It makes your job easier and allows you to quickly navigate from one site to another. Sometimes, however, a tab might start playing music or a movie out of the blue. This could become annoying, especially if it is a distraction while you work. Unwanted noises can disrupt your concentration. To eliminate distractions, temporarily mute the tab. There are many ways to accomplish this. These are the methods.

What’s the mute tab function?

The mute tab feature, as its name implies, is a unique feature that temporarily mutes unwanted tabs. This feature is only available in a few browsers. These browsers allow users to muffle noisy tabs in one way or the other. Google Chrome is one of them. You can easily mute music or videos if you follow the steps. Let’s take a closer look.

How do I mute Chrome tabs?

Let’s be clear. There are tons of high-quality audio and video content on the internet. They are very pleasing to the listener or viewer. It’s also true that annoying ads can start playing out of nowhere. These ads can distract users and disrupt their focus. What can you do to eliminate these distractions from your life? In such cases, you should mute that particular ad. You might be wondering how this is possible. It isn’t difficult. If you follow these steps, you can also accomplish this. These are the best ways to mut Chrome tabs.

Change flags

Change flags are a great way to mut Chrome tabs. This method works only with older Chrome versions, i.e. version 70 and older. These steps will be followed if your Google Chrome browser meets this criteria:

  • Start Google Chrome from your desktop.
  • Click on the URL bar in your browser and type “chrome://flags” before clicking enter.
  • This will allow you to access the Chrome Flags function. Find the flag that you want to enable, namely “Tab audio muting UI control”, from the list.
  • Click the “Relaunch Now” button. This will activate the feature that allows you to mut individual tabs.
  • After you have done this, you will notice a speaker icon next to the site name in your tab. To mute a tab, simply click on the icon.

Mute site

This method only works with Chrome version 70 and older. This method is inapplicable if your browser version is 71 or higher. Why? Google has removed Chrome Flags from the newer versions of Chrome. Google stated that several factors led to its removal. It didn’t address the issues that people wanted to mut certain tabs. This was one of the main reasons it was removed. Code complexity and data loss risk are other factors. How can you mute tabs after you’ve updated Chrome? Well, don’t worry. You can muffle tabs in Google Chrome’s latest version. Simply right-click the tab making noise and choose ‘Mute site.

You should remember, however, that this will not silence any instances of the website.

Make exceptions

Another brilliant way to mut Chrome tabs is this. This works best if you only want to disable certain tabs. Follow these steps to permanently mute a tab.

  • Google Chrome can be launched on your desktop.
  • Type “chrome://settings/content/sound” on the address bar. Enter.
  • Click on the “Add” button in the Mute section.
  • Enter the URL for the target website and click “OK”. This will permanently disable that site.

Use an extension

Another method is available to mut individual tabs within Chrome. This extension is available in the Chrome Web Store. You can find the “Mute Tab” extension in the Chrome Web Shop by trmcnvn. This extension can be used to mute tabs that are noisy. After installing this extension, click on the button to mute specific tabs.


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