The Complete Guide to Getting Rid of Blackheads


Blackheads are mild acne that can appear on your skin. The most common areas include the back, chest, arms, shoulders, face, especially around the nose, which does not show any other signs of acne presence there. Blackheads are small bumps caused due to clogged hair follicles. 

The tip of each hair follicle includes a sebaceous gland that produces sebum, a type of oil to keep your skin smooth and textured and hair. When dead skin cells interact with oil, pores are clogged, called whiteheads when the skin over the bumps gets closed and blackheads when it opens. 

Since air oxidises it, it looks black. Most of the people think that blackheads are caused due to dirt trapped into pores, but the fact is that they are caused due to trapping of dead skin cells in sebum. Hence, they have nothing to do with the cleanliness of your skin.

Some people can catch blackheads more often than others because of excessive oil production. However, age and hormonal factors are also responsible causes for it. Androgen triggers the greater secretion of sebum when boys and girls reach to their puberty, and this causes blackheads. People with sensitive, combination and oily skin may experience acne. 

Overproduction of skin cells can also trigger blackheads. They are not contagious, nor do they cause inflammation or any kind of discomfort on your skin. Still, some people can eventually experience acne around their face when their skin excessively produces dead skin cells. 

Tips to treat blackheads

When it comes to treating blackheads, you should be careful about your methods. There are some dos and don’ts that you must know in order to treat them. 

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is a must to remove dead skin cells. You should look for fragrance-free exfoliators that are made for sensitive skin. However, note that exfoliation strips oil off your skin, so it can make it extremely dry. 

You will need to moisturise your skin after exfoliation; otherwise, sebaceous glands will work harder to replenish the loss of sebum, and this will cause the same problem again. You can buy a counter exfoliator. 

However, you are recommended to consult a dermatologist because they can recommend a better exfoliator based on your skin. If you are trying over the counter products, make sure that you have tested them at least once on your face to see if it irritates you. 

Use non-comedogenic products

If you put on makeup every day, make sure that you use non-comedogenic makeup products. These products will not let acne pop up on your skin. Such products do not build pores. Instead, they keep your pores clear and open by reducing the buildup of dead skin cells. 

You can buy various non-comedogenic cosmetic products online. However, this is a matter of skin, so you should consult your dermatologist once. This is because some people have very sensitive skin, and they hardly find any products that suit them. 

If you do not have enough money to consult your doctor, you can borrow money from loan companies in Ireland. However, make sure that you borrow money only when you can manage to pay off the debt. 

Prescribed treatments

There are some prescribed treatments that can heal blackheads. These treatments generally include the use of salicylic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin C, and the like. One of the best treatments to get rid of blackheads is glycolic treatment. 

This can reduce the overproduction of dead skin cells and hence help you get rid of blackheads. However, it depends on the skin condition of some people which treatment will be the best bet. For instance, some people may have acne and blackheads, so in that case, if your doctor can use treatments along with medication. 

Note that you should not directly use acid on your face because you do not know the exact amount of their usage. Further, they are not used all by themselves. You should consult a skin care specialist who can detect the condition of your skin and then recommend you the treatment. 

Note that your dermatologist will prescribe these treatments only when your blackheads start causing acne and they are coming back on and off. Otherwise, they will try to prescribe you some medication. These treatments can be a bit expensive. 

If you do not have money in your emergency cushion, you will not be able to pay them. You may need to take out personal loans in Ireland for bad credit in this scenario. If you apply for these loans, make sure that you do not have difficulty paying off the debt. 

Take a healthy diet

Although there is no evidence that states that fried food cause acne or blackheads, research has shown that eating tomatoes, carrots, walnuts, and fish are good for maintaining the health of the skin. You should always try to have a balanced diet. 

A balanced diet is one that includes everything. You should emphasise fresh fruits and vegetables, especially green vegetables, because they are rich in antioxidants and hence can help you keep healthy skin. 

Avoid scrubbing

Scrubbing is not recommended if you have blackheads. It can worsen your skin condition. In fact, it can cause an acne breakout. Scrubbing deteriorates your skin condition because it removes sebum.

 It can make your skin excessively dry, and then your sebaceous gland will make it harder to replace sebum. It will lead to further blockage and increase inflammation and acne risk.

The bottom line

Blackheads are a very common skin condition. They are a form of acne, but they are flatter than actual acne. They are not a severe medical condition, but sometimes they can cause acne. 

Medication can help you get rid of blackheads but not always. You may have to undergo medical treatments if the problem does not heal. 

I always recommend consulting a dermatologist who can actually detect your skin condition and then recommend the best medication and treatment. 


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