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The times of the Covid-19 pandemic have set all the businesses through a storm. Consequently, the event industry is also shifting to the virtual world more and more with each passing day. However, the event planners have come up with the innovative concept of virtual events. Though we have all been in the phase of being skeptical about it, the fact is these virtual events are not only beneficial for organizers but also for the attendees. There are several reasons why you should not miss out on attending virtual events.

Let’s look at the top benefits of attending a virtual event:

#1 Unmatched Convenience 

Unlike a physical event, you don’t have to worry about convenience issues in the case of Virtual Events. The most excellent benefit of attending events virtually is that you don’t need to have a fixed schedule of everything you do in an event. For example, a virtual conference has a series of seven sessions lined up, but you wish to attend only five of them. While you attend the event over a virtual event platform, you have the convenience of dipping in and out of the sessions, unlike a physical event. You also have the opportunity to visit expo booths and lounge areas anytime you wish to, without causing any trouble to your fellow participants. In a virtual event, there’s no reason to hesitate while navigating through the venue, so you get a better chance at using your time in other sections of the virtual event. 

#2 Eliminated Traditional Barriers

A virtual event eliminates many traditional barriers like venue capacity or geographical limitations. Earlier, these barriers would be the reason behind you missing out on events but, thanks to the innovation of event technology, you don’t have to worry about such constraints anymore. 

With the help of prevailing advancements in event simulation, you can attend these events from remote locations with utmost flexibility. 

#3 Effortless Accessibility

Unlike in the physical events, you can access all the event content over a screen. While attending a virtual event, you are just a click away from viewing or downloading content and using it at your convenience. As an attendee, you can use the accessibility tools provided by the virtual event platforms to gain information, navigate, interact, or communicate. 

#4 Cost-Effective

Physical events involve many costly expenses like accommodation, meals, and travel bills whereas, these expenses are not required when you attend a virtual event. The only cost involved in the case of a virtual event is the one-time registration fee. But even with less cost, a virtual event offers much more value to its attendees than a physical event. For example, apart from these eliminated resources, you can also access the event sessions after their completion. So, if you missed out on a glimpse or need to view it again, virtual events provide you with the recorded sessions.

#5 Time-Saving

Apart from being very cost-effective, virtual events are also absolute time-savers. At a physical event, it gets difficult to visit every corner of the venue and view everything on offer. Most of the time, you miss out on something or the other, probably because of running out of time. But when you attend a Virtual Event, each session is more productive and less time-consuming.

#6 Improved Opportunities to Connect, Interact, and Network

A virtual event provides you with enhanced opportunities to connect, interact and network with the best of industry experts more smoothly. You can share your views and comprehend other’s perspectives on the most trending topics. 

Networking has always been a significant part of the event industry as it brings more and more value to businesses. A virtual event platform makes the whole process of networking easier. Using the provided information and search filters, you can have targeted interactions with the right contacts. By using the appropriate networking tools, you can connect and share necessary information with the field professionals. At Dreamcast, you also get to make use of advanced tools like AI matchmaking and meeting schedulers. These tools not only help you find the best-suited leads but also decide a time slot that is appropriate for both parties, even after the event is over. 

Virtual events also incorporate many compelling features like gamification, networking lounges, embedding, breakout sessions, etc., that elevate your networking experience throughout the event. 

Interactive elements of a virtual event like Q&A sessions, live polls, contests, trivia, and games like a scavenger hunt further adds to the fun and competitive environment that keeps you engaged, unlike physical events. 

#7 Progress of the Global Village

The world is truly becoming a global village, where people from across the globe can communicate and interact over a screen. The event tech industry is abiding by the same concept as now you can efficiently become a part of a global virtual event from your remote location. A diverse set of attendees can attend a virtual event from any location in the world as it is neither limited to a location nor space. 

#8 Easy Navigation

A virtual event makes it easier for you to navigate through the virtual venue as there is no hassle to find the right exhibitor or misinformation about where to find the location you have to reach. With the use of a virtual event platform, you can easily find the schedule of the event along with the time and venue details. You can also find the list of all the exhibitors, and by visiting their booths, you can further access all the required information.

#9 Efficient Data Collection 

A virtual event registers all your contact details along with information like your industry, background, interests, etc. These details further help to build your profile that can be accessed by other attendees just like you can access theirs. This tool facilitates all the attendees with the opportunity to access data like business cards. 

#10 Sustainability

Virtual Events are way more eco-friendly and sustainable than physical events. They not only eliminate the requirement to travel but also the use of resources like electricity and space. Physical events are notorious for producing a lot of waste, whereas virtual events promote the concept of sustainability. By shifting to virtual platforms, the organizers don’t need to include things like show guides, signages, display boards, brochures, and other printed marketing materials. 

Attending virtual events come with many more benefits than the ones mentioned above. So, seize the opportunity to share your knowledge and gain the same from your industry experts. 

We at Dreamcast provide you with endless opportunities to learn and grow through virtual events. To know more, get in touch now!


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