What are the jobs of the future with the best income 2022?

jobs of the future

The dynamics of employment is something that has been changing for some years, but the turnaround it suffered in 2020 with the corona virus pandemic was shocking. For this reason, there is talk of a revolution in employment and the list of jobs of the future has been updated based on new parameters.

Is technology the driving force behind new sources of employment? Are there other factors associated with this aspect that will have to be incorporated yes or yes to continue in the career of professions with a future? Are you in that moment when you need to reinventing yourself?

These are some of the most demanded professions of the future.

Pay attention because the highest paying jobs of the future may be the ones knocking on your door and you need to be ready to tackle them.

According to the report that resulted from the World Economic Forum, jobs are in constant change and circulation. While around 85 million jobs tend to disappear in 26 countries, it is believed that by 2025, 97 million new jobs will have been created.

However, these new proposals will require other skills among which technology will be the base and generating principle. The great prominence of the professions of the future will be given by artificial intelligence and, as skills; analytical thinking will be necessary, as well as creativity and flexibility.

Among the creative jobs of the future is the generation of content. The development of cloud computing is also seen as one of the new jobs of the future.

In the future labor market, automation will play a fundamental role, above all, the way in which the roles between human beings and machines will be combined. Something that resonates with us according to the memories of the Industrial Revolution but that, by 2022, will involve much more mathematical and analytical knowledge.

Thus, and according to what is expressed in the World Economic Forum Report, the jobs of the future with the largest labor market are linked to the technological field. For example, in functions such as the development of artificial intelligence and careers associated with the creation or production of content in areas such as social networks or popular articles.

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What are the jobs of the future: the demands?

Trends indicate that it is not just about new knowledge or specific professions, but that the jobs of the future in the world have to be associated with what is called the green economy.

This is that not only companies focus on economic development, but, at the same time, it is sustainable.

On the other hand, work based on the data economy is imposed. This has to do with various initiatives that work from the exploration and exploitation of databases already generated previously. Its purpose is to identify opportunities for the generation of new products or developments.

In this sense, the jobs of the future most in demand will be those that have analytical knowledge, ability to interact in the cloud and sufficient engineering for the development of new products. In summary, skills associated with critical thinking, analytical capacity and problem-solving skills will be sought.

What are the most lucrative jobs of the future?

In accordance with the analyzes carried out on the present and with the projections for the future, we could draw up a list with the jobs with the most future in the world that are in increasing demand. Among them we can mention:

  • Artificial intelligence specialists
  • Personnel trained in machine learning
  • Big data specialists
  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  • Specialists in strategy and digital marketing
  • Personnel specialized in process automation

Artificial intelligence development is among the most powerful jobs of the future in the world.

Although those just mentioned are the jobs that have begun to indicate the greatest requirement, they are supported by other professional developments associated with:

  • Digital transformation specialists
  • Information security analysts
  • Application and software developers
  • Business development professionals
  • Internet of things specialists

This revolution that has already begun in the workplace is such that no one can escape the wave that is proposed. It is not just about thinking of these disciplines as examples of the best-paying jobs of the future, but this drive for change should be thought of as the moment from which skills must be updated so as not to be left out of the changes that are coming.

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Will we all change jobs?

There are many concerns about the jobs of the future in Spain and the changes that they entail. Among the most basic questions is that fear of the inevitable loss of employment changed by the predominance of new technologies.

However, workers will be necessary in the change process, although more than half of them will have to be trained in new skills to continue in the career with the next requirements.

Likewise, this projection warns employees to be attentive not only to the jobs of the future in Latin America and Spain, but also to companies so that they can get on with the training that their staff needs to receive.

How should companies deal with the emergence of jobs with a greater future?

What happened in 2020 in relation to the incorporation of new technologies both to work remotely and for other issues was also a halt that many companies had to do. This occurred in relation to observing your own business, its processes, protocols, and procedures.

For this reason, to continue effectively in this train of change, it is necessary to review the mission and vision of the company in order to adjust these postulates to what is coming.

The vision implies a projection and thus sees where the company will be in the near future. And it is in this analysis that several of the tools that must be nurtured to staff could be incorporated to remain active and adaptable to the way of working that is imposed in the future.

How should you adapt to the most lucrative jobs of the future?

In the race towards future employment, and now thinking personally about how to adapt so that the jobs of the future are those that we can tackle from our basic knowledge, what you have to undertake is a training plan, observation of the environment and, More than ever, measuring trends.

Think of data science or the so-called big data, Artificial Intelligence, SEO, block chain or cloud computing as the next areas in which to train and you will be closer to adapting to the world of work that is coming.

In short, those transformations bring more changes and the search for adaptation is a good starting point for growth with respect to the most successful jobs of the future.


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